For Current Students

Students Pursuing a Degree in Neuroscience are supported by the Office of Undergraduate Studies in Neuroscience located in the lower area of the LSRC building, rooms M052 and B021. Hallie Davis-Penders and Tyler Lee manage the undergraduate program in neuroscience and can be reached at

Resources for Majors and Minors


Like many undergraduate programs at Duke, our neuroscience programs offer transactional advising and faculty mentoring.

Undergraduate Research

We offer opportunities for you to engage in research through research projects, practicum, independent study, summer fellowship, and Graduation with Distinction.

Graduation with Distinction

The Graduation with Distinction Program (GwD) is intended for students who demonstrate academic excellence through the successful completion of a significant research project during their undergraduate career.

Global Education

They are various study abroad opportunities for students in our programs.


Research Independent Study

Students are strongly encouraged to pursue research independent research projects in some area of neuroscience under the supervision or sponsorship of faculty.

Forms & Other Information