P&N Dissertation Archive, 1991-2000

Year Name Title
2000 Adair, James  Biased evaluation of gender role incongruence : bridging role and gender schema theories
2000 Bryant, Thomas The path to wholeness : effective coping strategies of African-American adult survivors of childhood violent experiences
2000 Due, Deborah A study of the physiologic and cognitive contributions of mesocorticolimbic dopamine circuits to stimulus salience detection in smokers
2000 Gullette, Elizabeth C.D. Biopsychosocial Factors and Left Ventricular Mass
1999 Bagwell, Catherine The friendship relations of antisocial boys
1999 Buhusi, Catalin Contradictory effects of dopaminergic drugs on latent inhibition : from computational hypothesis to experimental test
1999 Collado, Shirley The perceived racism scale for Latina/os : a multidimensional assessment of the experience of racism among Latina/os
1999 Egert, Jennifer  Psychological well-being following breast cancer treatment
1999 Glodis, Kimberly  
1999 Huettel, Scott Structural effects upon classification
1998 Berger, Allison  Post-traumatic themes and symptoms in formerly battered women
1998 Brownlow, Brenda The relationship between objectification, body image disturbances, and disordered eating : investigating race, socioeconomic status, acculturation and self-objectification as mediators
1998 Cavigelli, Sonia  Fecal cortisol levels relative to behavior in a free-ranging primate : adaptive aspects of a glucocorticoid hormone
1998 Cleaveland, John Mark Stimulus properties of the response during matching-to-sample tasks in pigeons and budgerigars
1998 Crowther, Martha Compensatory grandparenting : raising another generation
1997 Dragoi, Valentin The dynamics of operant conditioning : theory and experiments ; Context-dependent form perception : theory and psychophysics
1997 Grant, Merida  Depression in a medically ill population : an examination of functioning and health care use
1996 Burnett, Rachel  Gendered objectification experiences : construct validity, implications for dysphoria and depression, and phenomenology
1996 Byerly, W. Boyce Knowledge structures and how they got that way : internal and external representation in human cognition
1996 Clark, Rodney Skin tone, coping, and cardiovascular responses to ethnically-relevant stimuli
1996 Greenberg, Michael AIDS, experimental drug approval, and the FDA new drug screening process : a legal research guide
1996 Grimes, Christina Intergenerational influences in sibling relationships : cognitive representations and parenting behavior as pathways of influence
1996 Van Horn, Yolanda The Relationhip of Academic Self-Efficacy and Ethnic Socialization to Mental Health Outcomes in Adolesecents
1995 Carlsobn, Michelle impact of past mild head injury on attention
1995 Efron, Lisa Linkages between parents’ childhood relationships with their parents and peers, parents’ relatio
1995 Wilson, John Seddon

Attention, Attachment and Motivation in Schizotypy: A Review and Extension of Research with the Continuous Performance Test

1994 Braun, Kelly A Retrieval Model of the Spacing Effect
1994 DeRosa, Ruth Reed Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and the Subjective Experience of Disaster: The Hamlet Fire
1994 Dunsmore, Julie Cathleen Maternal Emotion and Use of Control: Gender-Specific Pathways to Chilren's Self-Schematization
1994 Efron, Lisa Allison Linkages between parents' Childhood Relationship with Their Parents, Parents' Relationship With Their children, and Children's Peer Relationships
1994 Hubbard, Julie Emotion Expression in Children's Peer Interaction
1994 Klein, Tovah Patricia Intergenerational Mechanisms of Transmission: Parental Social Framing and Social Construciton as Pathways of Influence on Children's Quality of Friendship and Social Satisfaction
1994 Ilardi, Stephen Scott Personality Disorder, Dysfunctional Cognition and Depression: An Empirical Analysis of their Interrelationship
1994 Murphy, Laura Bennett A Study of Disease Effects and Adapational Processes on the Adjustment of Chronically Ill Adolescents
1994 Sanislow, Charles Andrew Bridging Sociotropy and Autonomy with Dependency and Self Criticism: Structural Analysis of Interpersonal Perception
1994 Watson, Maria Object and Spatial Subsystems in Mental Imagery: Behavioral Investigations
1994 Zakriski, Audrey Lynn The Difficulties Aggressive Rejected Children Have Reading the Cues of Social Rejection: A cross-Situational Analysis
1993 Belding, Mark A. An Analysis of Stages and Processes of Change among Opioid Addicts in Methadone Maintenance Treatment
1993 Machado, Armando Behavioral Variability and Frequency-Dependent Selection: laboratory Studies with pigeons (Columba livia)
1993 McMillan, Donna Karen Sleep in Adolescent Depression: A Controlled Study of Characteristics of Adolescent Depression Associated with Depressive Polysomnographic Features
1993 Newman, Elana The Process of Recovery in Adult Female Survivors of childhood Sexual Abuse: Schema, Affect, and Sympton Change
1993 Schoenwald, Sonja Katharina Aggressive Boys and Their Siblings: An Investigation of Similarities and Differences in Family Experiences
1993 Vance, Charles Rainey The Acquisition of Event Knowledge: The Roles of Causality, Goal-Awareness, and Familiarity
1993 Woolsey, Mary Lord Social Responsibility as a Topic for Psychological Research, 1971-1991
1992 Apter, Andrew A Hole in the Mirror: The Experimental and Phenomenological Psychopathology of Psychogenic Depersonalization
1992 Bates, Susan Schneider Predictors of Suicidal Behavior in a Longitudinal Sample of School-Aged Chilren with Depressive Disorders
1992 Connelly, Susan Lisa Aging and the Inhibition of Spatial Location
1992 Didow, Sharon Achieving Verbal Discourse Through Nonverbal Coordinated Action
1992 Housewoeth, Stephen John Interpersonally Perceived Threat: Psychological and Cardiovascular Concomitants of Vocally Expressed Anger, Hostility, and Aggression
1992 Nielsen, Kirsten Cognitive Constraints and Situational Facotrs Affecting Speech and Writing
1992 Reinhold, Dana Powers Attribution and Affect in the Parent-Child Context of Childhood Aggression
1992 Stolzfus, Ellen Aging and Breadth of Availability During Language Processing
1992 Ulmer, Ross Lynn Traumatic Antecedents of Personality Disorders in a Psychiatric Inpatient Population
1992 Veith, Amanda Hanrahan How Parents and Infancy Experts Perceive Newborn Infant Behavior
1992 Warwick, Zoe Palatability and Nutrient Effects on Postprandial Hunger, Metabolish, Chemosensory Perception and Food Intake in Human
1991 Dansky, Bonnie Recovery from Sexual Trauma: The Influence of Coping, Social Support, Affect, and Cognitive Schemata on Psycholicial Well-Being
1991 Davis, Derick G.S. Probabilistic Choice: Empirical Studies and mathematical Models
1991 Dunn, Susanne Ellen Exploring the role of Social Support in the Relation Between Peer Socail and Adjustments During the Transition to Middle School
1991 Liles, Andrew Robert The Relationship Betweeen Self-Evaluative Complexity, Attributions,a dn Perceptions of Competence for Achievement Behavior
1991 Kronenberger, William The effects of perceived social, marital, and familial environments on the psychological adjustment of mothers of children with spina bifida
1991 Scott, Paul Selective Breeding for a Measure of Behavioral Depression: Behavioral, Electrophysiological, and Neurochemical Studies
1991 Stout, Julie The Role of the Locas Coeruleus-Noradrenergic System in Anxious Behavior: Behavioral and neurochemical Studies
1991 Swithers Mulvey, Susie Oral Habituation and the Control of Ingestive Behaviors in Rats
1991 Underwood, Marion Kelly Display Rules for Anger and Aggression in School-Aged chilren