P&N Dissertation Archive, 1981-1990

Year Name Title
1990 DeWitt, Martha T. Schizoid Social Detachment and the Belief That Psychotic-Like Experiences are Veridical Perceptions
1990 Dye, Ellen Psychotherapists' Knowledge About and Attitudes Toward Rape Victim Clients
1990 Goostein, Ronald How do Consumers Screen Advertisements?
1990 Kambon, Mawiyah R.H. The Development and Socialization of Racial Identity among Adolescents
1990 Lebowitz, Leslie Psycholoaical and Sociocultural Themes in Women's Responses to Being Raped
1990 Meyer, Brian L Social Problem-Solvinq in Agqressive and Non-Aggressive Adolescents
1990 Smith, R. Scott Behavioral Correlates of Changes in Liking Across Time in the Dyadic Relationships of Third-Grades
1989 Cooper, Joan B. The Concept of Nostalgia and its Relation­ship to Narcissism
1989 Dapore, Ann K. lnfluences of the Social Environment during Development of the Regulation
of Courtship and Neuroendocrine Respon­siveness
1989 Lisak, David Motives and Psychodynamics of Non­-Incarcerated Rapists
1989 Morgan, Jill Female Identity and Eating Disorders Etiology, Treatment and Recovery
1989 Wayland, Kathleen Relative Effects of Physical and Sexual Assault and the Relation between Physical
and Psychological Functioning in a Sample of University Women
1989 West, Lisa The Effect on an Alternate Task on Unconstrained Free Recall
1988 Fraenkel, Peter Mattering and Memory: The Effects of Personal Importance in Autobio­graphical Memory and Memory for Freauency of Occurrence
1988 Grant, Robert W. The Influence of Personality, Health and Social Support on Well-Being: A Causal Analysis
1988 Kohn, Arthur Risk preference with repeated choice opportunities
1988 Morgan, Cynthia The Experience of Affect and Its Relationship to the Jungian Typology
1988 Phillips, Barbara Memory and Judgment for Schematic and Aschematic Information in Person
1988 Pollin, D. Joshua Stressful Life Events, Chronic Problems, Social Support, and Depressed Mood: A Longitudinal Study of College Students
1988 Sanders, Vetta The Multi-faceted Approach to Racial Identification Among African Americans
1988 Sikes, Carolyn Neuropsvchological Correlates of Hvpothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenocortical Dysregulation in Depression
1988 Terry, Leslie Neurobehavioral Organization of an Early Mammalian Appetitive Behavior
1987 Ammons,  R. Bruce Psychology from the Standpoint of a Mechanist: The Early Life and Work of Clark L. Hull
1987 Burnett, Myra N. The Relationship of Self and Ethnic Group Esteem to Personality in Black Americans
1987 Demorest, Amy P. A Study of Recurring Messages in Individual Imagery
1987 Peters, Sandra Lee The Effects of Preterm Infant Health and Maternal Stress on Perceptions of Infant Temperament, Potential for Maltreatment, and Actual Abuse
1987 Rabiner, David L. The Role of Expectations in the Social Difficulties of Rejected Children
1987 Whidby, Janet M. Peer Social Status and Behavior Among Black Preadolescent Females
1986 Botman, Harvey Autonomic  Arousal and Auto­biographical Memory
1986 Cohen, Lawrence J. Coping with Traumatic Events: A Theoretical Model and a Study of Recovery from Rape
1986 Horner, John Reward-Following as a Determiner of Choice
1985 Berggren, Sheryll Gender Categories in Social Cognition Processes
1985 Johnson, Robert Context and Contours in Loudness Comparisons
1985 Farber, Jonathan Cognitive Mediation of Smoking Withdrawal Symptoms and Benefits
1985 Fay, Jonathan Family Position and Psychopathology
1985 Finn, Mark G. Being Disliked: Self-Report and Social Status
1985 Gill, James M. II The Neural Basis of Similarity: Quantification of the Neural Mass Difference in Gustation
1985 Kupersmidt, Janis The Prediction of Delinquency and School- Related Problems from Childhood Peer Status
1985 Manuel, Gerdenio Coping with Cancer
1985 Seaber, Judy H. Inhibitory Interactions in Strabismus and Normal Binocular Vision
1985 Tolliver, Derise Childhood Peer Status and Its Relationship to Later Social and Psychological Adjustment
1985 Wallace, Wanda T. Perception of Gradual Luminance Changes
1985 Zimet, Gregort D. Cognitive Aspects of Disease Management in Children with Insulin­-Dependent Diabetes
1984 Averett, Ellen P. The Development of an Instrument to Assess Depression Vulnerability
1984 Brown, Donna Human Gender, Age, and Personality Effects on Relationships with Dogs and Horses
1984 Gaylord, Susan Effects of Inter-Stimulus Distances on the Formation of Category Boundaries
1984 Jones, Danielle L. The Quality of Social Support Among African-American Women and Its Effect as a Mediator of the Relationship Between Stress and Depression
1984 Mooney, Kristine The Impact of Interviewer Style in Initial Interviews with Schizophrenic Patients: An Analysis of Warmth and Structure
1984 Oehler, Jerri Moser The Development of the Preterm Infant's Responsiveness to Auditory and Tactile Social Stimuli Prior to 40 Weeks' Postconceptional Age
1984 Shaw, Eric D. The Neuropsvchological Effects of Lithium on Bipolar Outpatients
1984 Smoak, Jr., Harold A. Behavioral Effects of Cochlear Nucleus Lesions on Sound Localization in the Tree Shrew (Tupaia glis)
1984 Stearns, Sarah The Role of Cognitive Mediators in the Maintenance of Smoking Cessation
1984 Sturm, Lynne A. The Preterm Infant and Mother as Social Partners: Infant Responsiveness and Maternal Folk Theories
1983 Bordeaux, Janice On the Development of Children's Drawing Abilitv: The Role of Spatial Concepts, Representational Concepts, and Drawing Scripts
1983 Conley, Michael The Laminar Organization of the Lateral Geniculate Body and the Striate Cortex in the Tree Shrew (Tupaia glis)
1983 Coppotelli, Heide Spouse Support in Smoking Cessation bv Women
1983 Eidelson, Judy I. Self-Efficacy and Psychosocial Functioning in Depressed Psychiatric Patients
1983 Krehbiel, Gina Gaye Sociometric Status and Academic Achievement-Based Differences in Behavior- and Peer-Assessed Reputation
1983 Penny, Glenn R The Morphology of Neurons and of Retinal Axon Terminations in the Lateral Geniculate Body of Galaeo senegalensis
1982 Brooks, Gayle A Modern Racism Analysis of the Affirmative Action Controversy
1982 Fitzpatrick, David The Laminar Organization of the Lateral Geniculate Bodv and the Striate Cortex in the Souirrel Monkey (Saimiri sciureus)
1982 Dackis, Marcy (Pasternak) Psychosomatic Aspects of Hypertension
1982 Dozier, Mary The Effects of Psychological Adiust- ment and Age on Interpersonal Judgments
1982 Garro, Linda Imagery's Role in Cognition: Integrating Imagery Theory with an Individual Differences Approach
1982 Kessel, Kare Kin Selection, Dominance and Sociality in Lemur catta and Lemur fulvus: An Experimental and Observational Analysis
1982 Motheral, Susan Optimal Allocations of Behavior: Ratio Schedules
1982 Samuelson, Jane Conceptions of Masculinity
1982 Sox, Karen Ben Reciprocality in Interpersonal Perception and Behavior: An Analysis Based on the Circumplex Model
1982 Stein, Mark Imitation as a Facilitator of Social Interaction Between a Two-Year-Old and an Unfamiliar Partner
1982 Wetzler, Scott Emotional State-Dependent Retrieval
1981 Babad, Yael Returning the Smile of the Stranger: Developmental Patterns, Socialization Factors, and Mother-Child Interaction
1981 Brown, Charles A Comparison of Reported Exper­iences Associated with Different Styles of Hypnosis
1981 Cordoni, Carl Subjective Perceptions of Everyday Memory Failures
1981 Cross, Teresa S. Attitudes and Interests: Contextual Effects in Anticipatory Attitude Change
1981 Fry, R. Brent Measurement of Specific Sequence Effects in Loudness Perception
1981 Hinson, John M. Momentary Maximizing as a Basis for Choice
1981 Huelsbeck, Mary Standards, Skills, Economics and Art: An Exploratory Study of Studio Pottery
1981 Koman, Stuart Treatment of Smoking Addiction: The Effect of Treatment Goal and Properties of Addiction on Achieving and Maintaining Smoking Modification
1981 Lipson, Abigail Generalized Expectancy for Success as a Predictor of Persistence in the Face of Failure and Failure-Related Cognitions
1981 Oppenheimer, Bruce A Short-Term Group Intervention for College Freshmen
1981 Reichlin, Robert E. An Investigation of the Dream­ Fantasy Relation: An Object Relations and Phenomenological Approach
1981 Reid, Allis ton K. Schedule-induced Behavior: Amount and Order of Activities Controlled by Behavior Interaction
1981 Rosenstiel, Anne K. The Effect of Coping Strategies on the Relief of Pain Following a Laminectomy Procedure
1981 Slater, Pamela The Relationship Between Pressure and Performance: Exploring an Optimal Achievement Pressure Model and Its Implications for Gender-Based Theories
1981 Wells-Parker, Nancy Estimates of Control and Efficacy in Relation to Coping Strategies and Subiective Stress in Four Common Life Roles
1981 Williams, Carolyn Marital Satisfaction and Interpersonal Perception: Affiliation and Autonomy
in the Contemporary Relationship and in Recollections of the Spouses' Parents
1981 Woody, Erik Personal Values and Social Perception