Departmental Graduate Requirements

Revised 8.31.15

  • P&N Seminar: First year course which guides students through program requirements and assists in the preparation of competitive fellowships and grants (e.g., NSF)
  • A minimum of 4 core courses among:
    • Psychopathology
    • Cognitive Development or Social Development
    • Social Behavior & Personality
    • Cognitive Psychology
    • Behavioral and Computational Neuroscience
    • Cognitive Neuroscience I or II
      • Each program has the option of selecting one course outside of P&N to be approved by the GSC for inclusion on this list.Cognition/Cog Neuro has received approval for Cog Neuro 1 and 2 to count as 2 of the 4 classes.Program faculty are responsible for monitoring the content and availability of the area courses.
  • A minimum of 4 TAships in years 2-5 (Clinical area students have the option of doing fewer). These are required required regardless of source of funding. 
  • Major Area Paper (MAP) which must be completed by the Spring of the 3rd semester.
  • Proposal Defense
  • Dissertation and oral dissertation defense

Area Graduate Requirements

In addition to these department-wide requirements each area within P&N has the option of adding additional courses or restricting the four courses required by the department. Practica must also be specified within these area requirements. You can find the list of these area requirements within each area's webpage (Clinical Psychology, Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience, Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology, and Systems and Integrative Neuroscience.)