P&N Dissertation Archive, 1930-1940

Year Name Title
1940 Ewing, Thomas N. , Jr. A Study of Certain Factors Involved in Changes of Opinion
1939 Christenson, James A., Jr. A Questionnaire Analysis of Personality in Terms of Certain Motivational Categories
1938 McCord, William F. The Delayed Reaction and Memory in Rats
1938 McCurdy, Harold G. Psychological Analysis of Literary Productions as a Revelation of Personality
1938 Schoolland, John B. An Experimental Investigation of Constitu­tionally Differentiated Cognitive Behavior of Chicks and Ducks
1937 MacColl, Sylvia H. A Comparative Study of the Systems of Lewin and Eoffka with Special Reference to the Interpretation of Memory Phenomena
1936 Harton, John J. The Influence of Effort, Persistence and Types of Goal Organization on the Estimation of Time
1936 Pratt, Joesph E. Experimental Investigations of Discriminative Learning in Rats
1935 Westerhof, Anthony C, Survey and Critical Examination of the Use of Teleology in Modern Psychology
1934 Wright, Herbert F The Influence of Barriers upon Strength of Motivation
1933 McCulloch, Thomas L. The Study of the Cognitive Abilities of the White Rat with Special Reference to Spearman's Theory of Two Factors
1933 Thomas, John F. An Evaluative Study of the Mental Content of Certain Trance Phenomena
1932 Fry, Glenn A. An Experimental Basis for a Wave-Theory of Color-Vision
1932 George, Robert W. An Experimental Investigation of the Chemical Theory of Temperament as Applied to Introversion -Extroversion
1930 Chen, William Y. A Psychological Interpretation of Chinese Culture