P&N Dissertation Archive, 1961-1970

Year Name Title
1970 Arend, Lawrence E. Contour Factors in the Broca-Sulzer Phenomenon
1970 Baker, William The Effect of Discrimination Train­ing and Number of Reinforced Stimuli on Stimulus Control in the Pigeon
1970 Cook, David Is Jung's typology true? A Theoretical and Experimental Study of Some Assumptions Implicit in a Theory of Personality Types
1970 Cox, Gary Cognitive Structure: A Comparison of Two Theories and Measures of Integrative Complexity
1970 Falkenberg, Philippe The Influence of Context on Learning and Forgetting in Short-Term Memory
1970 Farley, Gail An Investigation of Death Anxiety and the Sense of Competence
1970 Fox, Mary Internal-External Control and Per­ceived Ability as Factors in the Attribution of Intent
1970 Goethals, George Consensus and Modality in the Attribution Process: the Role of Similarity and Information
1970 Kaas, Judith The Relationship Between the Electro­encephalogram and Reaction Time under Normal and Reduced Oxygen Partial Pressures
1970 Innis, Nancy Temporal Tracking on Cyclic­-Interval Reinforcement Schedules
1970 Schiffman, Susan A Psychophysical Gustatory Model
1970 Scott, Thomas Synaptic Processing of Taste-Quality Information in the Thalamus of the Rat
1970 Small, James Auditory-Vocal and Visual-Motor Language Orientations in Elementary School Children
1969 Boyarsky, Rose E. Deficits in Memory for Paired Associates in Older Persons
1969 Cooper, Joel The Role of Personal Responsibilitv in the Arousal of Cognitive Dissonance
1969 Delse, Frederick G. Human Vertex Slow Potential Shifts During Auditory Judgments: Electrical Signs of Change in Set
1969 Ganchrow, Donald Thalamocortical Gustatory Projec­tions in Rat and Marmoset
1969 Ganchrow, Judith J. Neural Coding of Gustatory Intensity in the Chorda Tympani Nerve and Nucleus Tractus Solitarius of the Rat
1969 Harris, Victor A. The Effects of Power Variations on Public Agreement and Private Attitude Change
1969 Hewett, Barbara B. Concept Attainment and Transfer as a Function of Stimulus Structure
1969 Jones, Russell A. Choice, Degree of Dependence, and the Possibilitv of Future Dependence as Detern,inants of Helping Behavior
1969 Killackey, Herbert P. The Function of Striate and Temporal Visual Cortex in the Tree Shrew
1969 Morris, Robert L. Factors Affecting the Maintenance of the Pair Bond in the Blond Ring Dove
1969 Scagnelli, Paul Relationships Among Visual Imagery, Language and Haptics in Spatial Perception
1969 Seder, I. Paul Some Determinants of Attribution of Offensive and Defensive Behavior in a Conflict Situation
1969 Sensenig, John Self Exposure to Information as a Function of Decision Certainty and Direction of Information
1969 Shaver, Kelly G. The Effects of Relevance and Severity on the Attribution of Responsibility for Accidents
1969 Sherwood, David W. The Differential Effects of Assess­ment Context and Scoring Method on Creatlvitv Performance in Children
1969 Stires, Lloyd K. Leadership Designation and Per­ceived Abilitv as Determinants of the Tactical Use of Modesty and Self-Enhancement
1968 Burt, Roger An Exploratory Study of Personality Manifestations in Paintings
1968 Heider, John The Flexibility and Reliability of Perceptual/Cognitive Constructs: A Study of Creative States of Aware­ness
1968 Holland, Morris Channel Capacity and Sequential Effects: The Influence of the Immediate Stimulus History on Recognition Performance
1968 Khokhlov, Nikolai Dimensional Preference and Discriminabilitv in Judgments of Multidimensional Stimuli
1968 Paramesh, C.R. A Cross-Cultural Study of Social Perception
1968 Rees, James Form and Relatedness in Memory for Lists of Words
1968 Riddle, Dorothy The Effects of Verbal Conditioning on Self-Esteem
1968 Ussery, Lon An Experimental Investigation of Learning and Performance in Children with Academic Disabilities
1968 Utley, Margaret Selective Forgetting of Own Hostile Behavior
1968 Wicklund, Robert Regret as a Result of Threat to Decision Freedom
1967 Biller, Henry B. An Exploratory Investigation of Masculine Development in Kindergarten Age Boys
1967 Brigner, Willard Effects of Angular Contours on Simultaneous Brightness Contrast
1967 Doetsch, Gernot S. Processing of Gustatory Information in the Nucleus Tractus
Solitarius of the Rat
1967 Feather, Sara The Effect of Facilitatory and Inhibitory Instructions Upon Salivary Conditioning
1967 Hall, William C. An Anatomical and Behavioral Analysis of Visual Cortex in the Hedgehog
1967 Law, James Suppression Theories of Binocular Vision: Analysis and Experimental investigation
1967 Miller, Lyle The Bidimensional Nature of the Galvanic Skin Response
1967 Ominsky, Mark Instructions and Interstimulus Interval in Eyelid Conditioning
1967 Pancoast, David L. Effects of Nondiscrimination Training on Later Discrimination
1967 Posnick, Gregory Differential and Extinctive Inhibition in Classical Eyelid Conditioning
1967 Shows, Derek Psychological Differentiation and the A-B Dimension: A Dyadic Interaction Hypothesis
1967 Snyder, Marvin Neuroanatomical and Behavioral Studies of Vision in the Tree Shrew, Tupaia glis
1967 Spence, Lee Hunter Associative Clustering in Culturally-deprived and non-Culturally Deprived children
1967 Stein, Leonard The Conditioning of Self-Esteem as a Function of Need for Approval
1967 Tripp, Robert A Study of Cardiac Afferent Influence on an Involuntary Motor Behavior:
A Determinant of Blinking
1967 Waszak, Michael The Relationship of Slow Potential Shifts to Response Speed and Motivation in Man
1966 Bieler, Steven H. Some Correlates of the Jungian Typology: Personal Style Variables
1966 Jones, Robert G. The Percention of Attitude Chan.ge Under Forced Compliance
1966 Kaas, Jon H. The Role of Auditory Cortex in Selective Listening to One Ear
1966 Marshall, David A. A Comparative Study of Neural Coding in Gustation
1966 Stanfiel, James D. Jungian Typology, Neuroticism, and Field-Denendence
1966 Stern, Harris Animistic Thinking in Children
1966 Ward, William C. Creativity and lmpulsivity in Kindergarten Children
1966 Yarmat, Avrum J. Conditioning of the Galvanic Skin Response and Muscle Action Potentials in Humans as a Function of the Conditioned Stimulus-­Unconditioned Stimulus Interval
1965 Feather, Ben W. Human Salivary Conditioning
1965 Fowler, William R. The Interstimulus Interval and Schedule of Reinforcement in Eyelid Conditioning
1965 Grossman, Bruce D. Parental Warmth, Child Dependency and Responsiveness to Social Reinforcement
1965 Holmstrom, Robert Mediated Transfer and Paired­ Associate Learning
1965 Inglis, Richard The Effects of Personality Similarity on Empathy and Interpersonal Attraction
1965 Lipscomb, D. Barry A Comparative Study of Phenomenal Suppression Patterns in the Tachi­stoscopic Binocular Rivalry of Chromatic, Achromatic and Contour Stimuli
1965 Lumsden, Ernest A. Characteristics of Spectral Dis­crimination Gradients
1965 Sandler, David Investigation of a Scale of Thera­ Deutic Effectiveness: Trust and Suspician in an Experimentally Induced Situation
1965 Shrauger, J. Sidney Cognitive Differentiation and the lmpression-Formation Process
1964 Cole, James Lawrence The Relationship Between Force Gradients and Rate Gradients in Stimulis Generalization
1964 DeNiike, L. Douglas Awareness in Verbal Conditioning: The Assessment of Awareness from Verbal Reports Written by Subjects During Condi­tioning
1964 Kemp, Davi.cl E. Personality and Behavior in Psychotheraputic Relationships: Correlates of a Scale of Therapeutic Effectiveness
1964 Opton, Edward M., Jr. Electroencaphalographic Correlates of Performance Lapses on an Attention Task in Young and Old Men
1964 Wohlford, Paul F. Determinates of Extension of Personal Time
1963 Behar, Lenore B. The Influence of Cognitive Dissonance on Emotional Behavior
1963 Brockhoff, Lois Ann Generalization, Extinction, and Acquisition of Conditioned Eyelid Responses Following an Increase in the Interstimulus Interval
1963 Daves, Walter F. An Experimental Analysis of Perceptual Discrimination in the Cat: The Effective
Properties of Objects and the Discriminatory Behavior of the Animal
1963 Davis, Keith E, Impresssion of Others and Interaction Context as Determinants of Social Interaction and Perception in Two-Person Discussion Groups
1963 Dunham, Frances Y. The Effect of Verbal and Material Flattery on the Performance of Girls Differing in
Reported Extent of Material Love-Oriented Discipline
1963 Gergen, Kenneth J. Interaction Goals and Personalistic Feedback as Factors Affecting the Presentation of Self
1963 Katkin, Edward S. The Relationship Between Self-Report and Physiological Indices of Anxiety During Differentially Stressful Conditions
1963 Masterton, R. Bruce The Neural Mechanisms of Sound Localization: The Effect of Auditory Cortex Ablation on the Ability of Cats to Discriminate Binaural Time Disparities
1963 McConnell, Owen L. Perceptual and Verbal Mediation in the Concept Learning of Children
1963 Parton, David A. An Experimental Approach to the Conflict Model of Aggressive Response Strength
1963 Rahman, Syed M, Attractiveness of Goal Objects as a Function of Dissonance Reduction
1963 Turner, Barbara B, The Effects of a Ready Signal Upon Eyelid Conditioning
1962 Canestrari, Robert E. The Relationship of Vigilance to Paced and Self-paced Learning in Young and Elderly
1962 Cooper, G. David Changes in Ego Strength Following Brief Social and Perceptual Deprivation
1962 Denny, J. Peter The Effects of Anxiety and Intelligence Upon Errors in Concept Formation
1962 Dickoff, Hilda Reactions to Evaluations by Another Person as a Function of Self Evaluation and the
Interaction Context
1962 Groman, William D. Orientation, Stimulus Pattern, and Head-eye Position as Determinants of Cognitive and
Experiential Aspects of Perceived Slant
1962 Leventhal, Gerald S. Reward Magnitude and Liking for Instrumental Activity
1962 Pennypacker, Henry Sutton External Inhibition of the Conditioned Eyelid Reflex
1961 Burstein, Renneth R. The Intensity of the Unconditioned Stimulus and Eyelid Conditioning
1961 Clarke, Alan R. Conformity Behavior of Schizophrenic Subjects to Maternal Figures
1961 Culver, Charles M. The Effect of Cue Valve on Size Estimation in Schizophrenic Subjects
1961 Thomas, David R, Stimulus Generalization and Operant Discrirnination as a Function of Level