P&N Dissertation Archive, 2001-2010

Year Name Title
2010 Cheng, Ruey-Kuang Neural Coding Strategies in Cortico-Striatal Circuits Subserving Interval Timing
2010 Estrada, Marie-Joelle Testing the Romantic Construal Model: The Impact of Personalization, Specialness, and Value in Evaluating Romantic Actions
2010 Fazio, Lisa

Understanding the Hypercorrection Effect: Why High-Confidence Errors are More Likely to be Corrected

2010 Gallagher, Matthew Contra-Trait Effort and Trait Stability: A Self-Regulatory Personality Process
2010 Hall, Deborah Outgroup similarity as a source of cognitive dissonanced: An investigation of the turncoast effect
2010 Libertas, Klaus Object-Directed Action Experiences and their Effect on Cognitive and Social Development
2010 Libertas, Melissa Behavioral and Electrophysiological Markers of Number Sense in Infancy and Adulthood
2010 Pleil, Kristen Region-specific Mechanisms of Estrogen and Age on Neuronal Ensemble Activity During Spatial Navigation
2010 Schulting, Amy The Kindergarten Home Visit Project: A Kindergarten Transition Intervention Study
2010 Smith, Patrick Aerobic Exercise, Diet, and Neurocognition among Individuals with High Blood Pressure
2010 St Jacques, Peggy Functional neuroimaging of autobiographical memory
2009 Becker, Sarah Longitudinal Association Between Frequency of Substance Use and Quality of Life Among Adolescents Receiving a Brief Outpatient Intervention
2009 Best, Stephanie Experiential Avoidance in Chronic Tic Disorders: an Online Survey and Pilot Treatment Study Using Habit Reversal and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
2009 Connell, Alexa The Characteristics of Depressive Subtypes Among Adolescents and Their Role in the Relationship Between Weight and Depression
2009 Ekblad, Andrew Effects of Mindfulness Training on Emotion Regulation and Attention
2009 Fleck, Matthias Effects of Expectation, Experience, and Environment on Visual Search
2009 Hutchinson, Katherine Parental Adjustment: An Examination of Caregivers of Pediatric Cancer Survivors
2009 Jonassaint, Charles The Influence of the Serotonin Transporter Gene and Environmental Pathogens on Self-esteem during Adolescence and Early Adulthood
2009 Kaefer, Tanya Implicit, Eclipsed, but Functional: the Development of Orthographic Knowledge in Early Readers
2009 Leander, Nils Losing the Will: Automatic Reactions to the Indifference Perceived in Others
2009 Mariaskin, Amy The Roles of Parenting and Moral Socialization in Obsessive-Compulsive Belief and Symptom Development
2009 O'Keefe, Paul The Situational Adaptiveness of Implicit Theories of Intelligence and Achievement Goal Orientations
2009 Pascoe, Elizabeth Tired of Prejudice: the Self-Regulatory Effect of Discrimination on Health-Related Behaviors
2009 Patall, Erika The Motivational Benefits and Limits of Choice
2009 Perlman, Susan Molecules to Mind: the Construction of Emotion
2009 Rush, Christina Disordered Eating and Binge Drinking among College Students
2009 Scipio, Cindy A Biopsychosocial Study of the Mammography Pain Experiences of Breast Cancer Survivors
2009 Yi, Li Why Do Young Children Fail in False Belief Tasks: Linguistic Representations and Implicit Processing
2008 Aspnes, Ann Self-Regulation before and after a Developmental Transition: A Study of Adaptive Goal Change in Retirement
2008 Guerra, Vito Predicting Children's Underestimation of Social Acceptance from Public Self-consciousness, Depressive Symptomatology, and Peer Schemas
2008 Han, Shanghoon The Characteristics and Neutral Substrates of Feedback-based Decision Process in Recognition Memory
2008 Hoy, Melanie The Development of Structure and Centrality in the Self System: Implications for Appearance Concerns
2008 Larrauri, Jose Computational and Experimental Study of the Acoustic Startle Response and Prepulse Inhibition
2008 McDonald, Kristina Interpretations and Beliefs Associated with Children's Revenge Goals in Conflict Situations
2008 Noll, Amy Negative and Self-referential Information Processing in Depression: and fMRI Study
2008 Quinlan, NIcole The Intergenerational Transmission and "Moralization" of Appearance and Achievement Values and Their Influence on Children's Contingencies of Self-Worth
2008 Schneider, Kristen Expressive Control and Emotion Perception: the Impact of Expressive Suppression and Mimicry on Sensitivity to Facial Expressions of Emotion
2008 Tysonn, Diana Explaining Discrepant Findings for Performance-approach Goals: the Role of Emotion Regulation During Test-taking
2008 Vandellen, Michelle Social, Personal, and Environmental Influences on Self-Control
2007 Cantlon, Jessica The Cognitive and Neural Roots of Mathematical Knowledge
2007 Crozier, Joe A Functional Neuroimaging Study of Affective and Cognitive Processes in Maltreated and Non-maltreated Children
2007 Jones, Neil Cognitive Processes in Response to Promotion and Prevention Failure: A Study of Maladaptive Rumination and its Affective Consequences
2007 Li, Yan Parental Influences on Children's Social and Overt Aggression in China: Effects of Parenting Behavior, Marital Conflict, and Parent-child Attachment
2007 MacDonald, Crhis Neurophysiological Correlates of a Taste-Guided Decision within Gustatory Cortices
2007 MacEvoy, Julie Hurt Feelings in Children's Friendships: Associations with Social Cognition, Behavior, and Adjustment
2007 McKnight, Katherine Relational Aggression as an Indicator of Future Maladjustment Among Adolescent Females
2007 O'Neil, Dennis Predicting Leader Effectiveness: Personality Traits and Character Strengths
2007 Prince, Steven Functional Neuroimaging Investigations of Human Memory: Comparisons of Successful Encoding and Retrieval For Relational and Item Information
2007 Rice, Heather Measuring Visual Perspective in Autobiographical Memory Across Time Periods and Events
2007 Robinson, Joriganne A Process Model of Self-worth: Management of the Self-evaluative and Self-regulatory Consequences to Relational Devaluation in Daily Life
2007 Rumble, Meredith Examining a Comprehensive Cognitive-Behavioral Model of insomnia for Breast Cancer
2007 Thomas, Laura Emotional Modulation of Cognitive Skill Learning
2007 Wu, Chein-te (Vince) The Mechanisms of Spatial Selective Attention
2006 Archer, Elizabeth Social strategies among preschoolers in a mixed-age setting
2006 Bouffard, Suzanne "Virtual" parental involvement : the role of the Internet in parent-school communication
2006 DeFreits, Stacy Craft Ethnic Differences in the Relationship between Self-Efficacy, Outcome Expectations and Academic Achievement for First Year College Students
2006 Dillon, Daniel Voluntary emotion regulation: physiological correlates and mnemonic consequences
2006 Fannon, Sean Neural Mechanisms of Selective Attention to Visual Features
2006 Fenwick, Virginia Functions of Self-injurious Behavior Over Time
2006 Firchenholtz, Harlan Impact of Emotion and Gaze Direction on Attentional Orienting: Behavioral and Electrophysiological Evidence
2006 Propper, Cathi Infant Behavioral and Physiological Regulation during the Strange Situation Procedure at 12-months:  Contributions of Genotype and Maternal Behavior
2006 Schiro-Osman, Kimberlea Interpersonal significance of Friendship and Parent-child Relations for the Development of the Adolescent Self-portrait and the Implications for Psycholigical Adjustment
2006 Talarico, Jennifer Differential Effects of Emotional Valence and Intensity on Autobiographical Memory
2006 Trivedi, Ranak Psychosocial predictors of hospitalizations in patients with congestive heart failure
2006 Wiliams, Adrienne Long-term Parental Effects on Sexual Outcomes During Transition to Young Adulthood
2005 Anderson, Valerie Religiosity as it shapes parenting processes in preadolescence : a contextualized process model
2005 Camblin, Carol From words to discourse : context effects during reading as revealed by eye tracking and ERPS
2005 Diaz, Michelle  The neural correlates of semantic and lexical aspects of visual word processing
2004 Barrett, Tracy The role of object knowledge in tool utilization in infancy
2004 Greenberg, Daniel  An investigation of autobiographical memory using multiple methods
2003 Arredondo, Elva Evaluating a stage model in predicting Latinas’ cervical cancer screening practices : the role of psychosocial and cultural predictors
2003 Buffington, Angela  The relationship between the anterior cingulate cortex, sustained attention, and pain perception
2003 Choi, Youngon Preschool aged children’s use of prosody in sentence processing: the case of Korean children
2003 Ferri, Christine Vitt Psychosocial talk in geriatric medical encounters : the impact of physician validation, physician dominance, and the presence of a companion
2003 Khoe, Wayne Neural Mechanisms of Selective Attention to Context in Human Visual Cortex
2003 Krause, Elizabeth Role of Feminine Personality Style, Stereotyping, and Self-discrepancy in Women's Recovery from Childhood Abuse
2003 Ludwig, Elliot The Limits of Temporal Tracking in Pigeons
2003 Mendelson, Tamar Gender, Sex Typing, and Vulnerability to Depression: Extending Self-discrepancy Theory
2003 Ormsbee, Susan Infants' Use of Visual Features: The role of Color in Object Perception
2003 Peterson, Shani Resisting Risk: The Impact of the Historical Construction of African American Female Sexuality on Adolescent Sexual Behavior
2003 Thurston, Rebecca Triggers of Hot Flashes During Daily Life
2003 Voicu, Haoratiu Hierarchical Cognitive Maps
2002 Bennett, Gary Occupational stress and the diurnal regulation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, cardiovascular parameters, and psychosocial functioning
2002 Dueker, Gewndon Making Sense of the Blooming Buzzing Confusion: Contextual Effects on Infant Congition
2002 Friedman, Kelli Weight-based stigmatization and ideological beliefs : relation to psychological distress in an obese, treatment-seeking population
2002 Hopson, John Timing Without a Clock: Learning Models as Interval Timing Models
2002 Kaplow, Julie Coping Strategies and the Development of Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms in Sexually Abused Children
2002 Kim, Sungham The Asymmetric Dominance Effect: Its Relations with Domain Knowledge, Interest and Differential Attribute Weight
2002 Mohler, Eric Nutritional and Genetic Influences on Behavioral Phenotype: Prenatal Choline Supplementation and Apolipoprotein E Deficiency
2002 Morse, Jennifer The Personality Style-life Event Congruence Hypothsis Tested in Late-life Depression
2002 Peterman, Karen Self-disclosure in the Everyday Conversations of Kindergarten-aged Children
2002 Talton, Lynn Timing, Reward, and the Dopamine System
2002 Tonev, Simon The Personality Style-life Event Congruence Hypothsis Tested in Late-life Depression
2001 Fontaine, Reid Social decision making and aggressive behavior in adolescence