Neuroscience: Courses By Category

The list below presents the Neuroscience courses, organized by course category, that you may expect to have available to you in the next few semesters.

Gateway Course

Number Title Codes
NEUROSCI 102 Biological Bases of Behavior (Team-Based Learning) NS

Core Courses

Number Title Codes
NEUROSCI 217D Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience NS
NEUROSCI 223 Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology NS

Statistics Courses

Courses offered outside of Neuroscience, primarily from the Department of Statistics. See list of qualifying courses.

Electives: Methods and Laboratory Courses

Electives: Research Courses

Electives: Intersection Courses

Electives: Lecture Courses

Electives: In-depth Seminar Courses (351 and above)

Electives: Allied Courses

Note: Students matriculating Fall 2018 and forward cannot count Allied Elective Courses.

Courses offered outside of Neuroscience from departments throughout Duke University. See list of qualifying courses.


Electives: Focus Courses

Number Title Codes
NEUROSCI 116FS Neuroscience and Human Language NS, SS
NEUROSCI 121FS Sleep in Society: History, Culture, and Medicine CCI, SS
NEUROSCI 153FS Drugs and the Law SS