Student Spotlights

This week's student spotlight featured Cordelia Hume, a Carolina native who grew up in Mebane, NC, a town only about an hour from Duke University. Growing up in a small town, Hume values universities with ample research opportunities and resources for students. A diverse school with many community outreach programs is also high on Hume’s list. She was not entirely sure how she would combine her diverse interests into a vision for her future, but she was confident that an education at Duke would help her achieve that.… read more about Student Spotlight: Cordelia Hume »

"Neuroscience is mijn passie" is how you say "Neuroscience is my passion" in Dutch. I learned this from Imani Hall, who is this week's student spotlight feature. Imani Hall's hometown is Martha’s Vineyard, MA, but she was born in the Netherlands and is fluent in Dutch, a small fact that not many know about. Hall is a bright, captivating individual, and her desire to help others is palpable. Arriving at Duke amidst a pandemic, Hall didn’t let that dampen her experiences. While all her classes were online and social… read more about Student Spotlight: Imani Hall »

This week's student spotlight features a dynamic Latina student whose fervor for science and dedication to community service are truly inspiring. Her energetic personality, combined with thoughtful communication and a drive for excellence, act like a force that pulls you in. Valentina Ramirez is a senior with a major in Neuroscience and minors in Chemistry and Global Health. The Boston native distinctly recalls the moment she chose Duke University as her home for her undergraduate life. 'I remember vividly at a college… read more about Student Spotlight: Valentina Ramirez »

This week's student spotlight features Richard Gao, an international student from Huaibei, Anhui, China. Richard is a graduating senior with a major in Neuroscience and a minor in Art History, on track to Graduate with Distinction. Arriving in the US, amidst a global pandemic, Richard found navigating the complex cultural landscape between China and the US surreal. However, studying performance artists like Mike Parr, Marina Abramovic, and Zhang Huan in his Art History research, who use pain and vulnerability as a universal… read more about Student Spotlight: Richard Gao »

Celebrating March Madness with a special double feature in our student spotlight this month. These two individuals not only share affinity for delving into the intricacies of the brain and Evolutionary Anthropology, but also harbor a passionate commitment to enhancing Duke’s campus life by enriching the experiences of others within the community. They’re both excel at playing a musical instrument. However, beyond these shared interests, these two individuals couldn't be more different in various facets of their lives.… read more about Student Spotlight Double Feature: Orion Kornfeld and April Zuo »

This month’s student spotlight featured Connor Wood, a junior majoring in neuroscience with a pre-med track from Lexington, Tennessee. Connor is a versatile athlete, excelling in football while also participating in various sports from soccer to track and field during high school. His outstanding record—a four-time all-region, three-time all-West Tennessee, and two-time all-state champion—caught the attention of Duke football recruiters. Among numerous offers from different schools, ranging from the SEC to Ivy Leagues, Duke… read more about Student Spotlight: Connor Wood »

We’re commencing a new academic semester with a newly declared neuroscience major: Grace Richardson. Grace is currently a sophomore majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Spanish.   Grace’s interest in neuroscience stems from personal connections to loved ones who have struggled with addiction, Alzheimer's, and Parkinson’s diseases. Her appreciation for neuroscience only deepened with the diverse neuroscience courses offered at Duke, notably through the Cognitive Neuroscience and the Law FOCUS cluster and her… read more about Student Spotlight: Grace Richardson »

Some of the characteristics that causes Duke University to shine among its peers are its limitless opportunities for research, community, and interdisciplinary career development. Three neuroscience majors – Sid Ghanta, Disha Jotsinghani, and Dev Shah – have experienced all that the University has to offer during their matriculation– particularly within the neuroscience department. The trio was awarded the Lafitte travel grant last Spring which allowed them to extend such opportunities in another city as well. Ghanta,… read more about P&N Lafitte Grant Feature: Neuroscience Triple Threat »

Name Disha Jotsinghani Major Neuroscience Minor Chemistry and Global Health Hometown Columbus, OH Why Neuroscience? I love the neuroscience major because of how interdisciplinary it is. Studying the brain from a molecular, neural, and behavioral level has given me a well-rounded explanation of why humans act the way we do. I’ve also been able to apply my neuroscience knowledge to… read more about Student Spotlight: Disha Jotsinghani »

Today's student spotlight feature includes a participant in the Summer Neuroscience Program (SNP). SNP is an eight-week program that allows neuroscience majors to get started on their research endeavors. Major Neuroscience Hometown Hefei, Anhui, China Research Area for SNP Stroke repair with biomaterials Highlight of SNP this Summer Independently planned out experiments and… read more about SNP Student Spotlight: Yike Zhu »

Hometown Wheeling, WV & Sanford, NC Research Area Neighborhood socioeconomic disadvantage and dementia risk at the Moffitt-Caspi Lab. Our project assesses the social determinants of healthy brain development and aging, focusing specifically on midlife risk for dementia. Why Duke? The people & the school spirit! Duke is full of passionate, unique, and kind-hearted individuals who have helped make me who I am today. The… read more about Student Spotlight: Dev Shah »

This week's student spotlight star is Julia Leeman, a neuroscience and music major who hails from Charlotte, North Carolina.  Leeman enjoys the connections between music and neuroscience and has held such interest since high school.  “I chose Duke University because of its devotion to interdisciplinary studies” grinned Leeman. “I knew that I wanted to study neuroscience and music, and the University has so many resources that allow me to do so. This made me view the University as the perfect place to explore both… read more about SNP Student Spotlight: Leeman's Leading Edge »

Amber Fu is a senior majoring in neuroscience with minors in philosophy and chemistry. This past summer, she participated in the Summer Neuroscience Program (SNP), an eight-week Duke summer program that enables undergraduates to jumpstart their senior theses by working one-on-one with faculty mentors. “I was excited to participate in SNP and become closer to the neuroscience community,” Fu shared. “I wanted to learn more about what kind of research other undergrads are working on. Even though we’re all studying… read more about SNP Student Spotlight: Amber Fu »

Sara Rose Shannon is a senior with a major in neuroscience and minors in global health and chemistry. Shannon credits her curiosity as the main factor that brought her to Summer Neuroscience Program (SNP) – an eight-week Duke summer program that enables undergraduates to jumpstart their senior theses by working one-on-one with faculty mentors. “Since I developed such a love for Neuroscience, I chose Duke because it has so many talented researchers, and this program was the one that stuck out in comparison to the others,”… read more about SNP Student Spotlight: Sara Rose Shannon »

Rising senior Aditya Kotla was excited to sign up for Summer Neuroscience Program (SNP), an eight-week Duke summer program that enables undergraduates to jumpstart their senior theses by working one-on-one with faculty mentors. He knew he wanted to get started on an independent project, and figured the summer would be the opportune time to do so. I’ve gained both technical and lab skills during my time in the Rawls Lab, at Duke Microbiome Center, and wanted to apply them to my own project. SNP was a great way to initiate… read more about Student Spotlight: Aditya Kotla »

The sun is out more now that it is Spring; so it's only fitting to feature a Blue Devil from the city known as the "Valley of the Sun": Phoenix, AZ. Senior Krishna Sinha, secretary and treasurer of the Neuroscience Majors Union (NMU), has some shiny days ahead with graduation right around the corner! Krishna's dedication to and leadership within the major has made him a well-known, shining light in the (Psychology &) Neuroscience Department. His favorite course within the Department has been NEURO 223 (… read more about Student Spotlight: Krishna Sinha, Neuroscience '22 »

“March Madness” has just begun and our Student Spotlight feature for this month, Senior Carla Guedikian, is definitely excited! Carla is an avid basketball player and lover. The Los Angeles native was impressed at how Duke offers a great balance of academics and fun activities upon her campus tour. While this was a heavy influence on her decision to become a Blue Devil, she decided on a study track for Neuroscience prior to her arrival. “Neuro 223 was my favorite course. We met weekly with… read more about Student Spotlight: Carla Guedikian, '22 (Neuroscience) »

It is our pleasure to feature Sophie Hurewitz in the resurgence of our Student Spotlight! While some of you all may already know her as the president of the Neuroscience Majors Union (NMU), here is a chance to learn more! She hails from our nation’s capital and has been a shining star in the Neuroscience Department.  “I am fascinated by early childhood neurological development and behavior with a particular interest in neurodevelopmental disabilities. Majoring in neuroscience has allowed me to pursue… read more about Student Spotlight: Sophie Hurewitz, '22 (Neuroscience) »