Student Spotlight: Krishna Sinha, Neuroscience '22

Krishna displays his Blue Devil pride!!!
Krishna displays his Blue Devil pride!

The sun is out more now that it is Spring; so it's only fitting to feature a Blue Devil from the city known as the "Valley of the Sun": Phoenix, AZ. Senior Krishna Sinha, secretary and treasurer of the Neuroscience Majors Union (NMU), has some shiny days ahead with graduation right around the corner!

Krishna's dedication to and leadership within the major has made him a well-known, shining light in the (Psychology &) Neuroscience Department. His favorite course within the Department has been NEURO 223 (Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology). Krishna's interest in Neuroscience began quite some time ago and is a reminder that research is inspired by our day-to-day activities.

"Ever since I started piano lessons at five years old, I became interested in learning how the mind works and is able to learn, remember, change, grow, and much more!"

In addition to to his active schedule within the Department, he currently works in the laboratory of Dr. Anne West at the Duke University School of Medicine. There he utilizes new CRISPR/Cas9-based epigenome editing tools to study expression of genes involved in synaptic plasticity.