Students who complete a degree in psychology are immersed in learning about the origins, processes, and consequences of human and animal behavior. The study of behavior and its determinants lies at the heart of our understanding of numerous systems ranging from the biological to the economic and social. Psychology majors and minors apply their understanding of human behavior to varied professional fields including mental and physical health care, research, education, policy, law, finance, consulting, marketing, and business management. Understanding of psychological concepts is also helpful for fields relating to engineering and data analysis.

Our Offerings

The Undergraduate Program in Psychology offers Bachelor of Arts (AB), Bachelor of Science (BS), Interdepartmental (IDM), and minor degrees. Although the requirements to fulfill the AB and BS are similar, there are some key differences between the two. The AB degree requires that students complete 11 courses in the major, while the BS degree requires 16 courses. The minor degree requires 5 courses.