P&N Dissertation Archive, 2011-2020

Year Name Title
2017 Alonso-Marsden, Shelley Teacher Decision-Making about Student Mental Health: The Role of Race and Gender
2017 Black-Maier, Allison Understanding How Knowledge Fluctuates in Accessibility
2017 Capestany, Beatrice The Use of Neuroscience for Mitigation During Sentencing in Non-Capital Cases
2017 Duffy, Korrina Building Affiliation With Behavioral Mimicry: Personality Factors, Physiological Consequences, and Neural Mechanisms
2017 George, Madeleine Does Virtual Communication with Parents Help Students Recover from Daily Stressors?: Daily and Experimental Tests with First Year College Students
2017 Lattaner, Micah Stigma, Avoidant-Orientation, and Self-Disclosure in Friendships
2017 Li, Rosa Decision-making Across Development: The Impact of Ambiguity and Social Context
2017 Lucca, Kelsey Developmental and Evolutionary Origins of Language: Insights from the Study of Pointing and Gaze in Infants, Bonobos, and Chimpanzees
2017 Martin, Julie The relative importance of perceived acceptance versus perceived status for emotional outcomes and self-esteem
2017 Utevsky, Amanda Social Decision-Making in the Primate Brain
2017 Winkle, Jonathan The Cognitive Mechanisms of Value-Based Choice
2016 Adamo, Stephen

Grabbing Your Attention: The Impact of Finding a First target in Multiple-Target Search

2016 Barger, Michael

Do the Messages Matter? An Investigation of Classroom Messages and College Students’ Personal Theories about Education

2016 Barter, Joesph

The Role of the Substantia Nigra in Goal Directed Behavior

2016 Buck, Pamela

Expanding mental health services delivery for depression in the community from Burma in North Carolina: A Paraprofessional Training Program

2016 Clement, Nathaniel Modulation of Active Exploratory Behaviors in Humans
2016 Deffler, Samantha

Identity Change Impacts Autobiographical Reconstruction of Identity-Relevant Events: Influences of the Self-System on Remembering

2016 Detloff, Allison Individual Differences in the Neural Response to Personal Goal Pursuit Success and Failure: A Developmental Analysis
2016 Diebels, Kathryn

Psychological and Interpersonal Implications of Believing that Everything is One: Identity, Personality, Values, and Worldviews

2016 Dowd, Emma Wu Memory-Based Attentional Guidance: A Window to the Relationship between Working Memory and Attention
2016 Drabkin, Anya

Evaluating the Impact of the Positive Choices Intervention on Substance Use, Psychological, and Care Engagement Outcomes Relevant to Current National HIV Prevention Goals

2016 Epstein, Dawn

The Role of Home Practice Engagement in a Mindfulness-Based Intervention

2016 Goetz Davis, Elana

COMT Genotype and Self-Regulation Interactions: Pathways to Psychological Vulnerability

2016 Gruters, Kurtis

Non-auditory Influences on the Auditory Periphery

2016 Hall, Shana

The Neural Basis of Involuntary Episodic Memories

2016 Iyengar, Vijeth Contributions Of the Human Medial Prefrontal Cortex To Associative Recognition Memory: Evidence From Functional Neuroimaging
2016 Johnson, Kristin A Longitudinal Investigation of Infant Gesture Use and Parent Speech: Unique and Dynamic Influences on Infant Vocabulary Acquisition
2016 Jongman-Sereno, Katrina Determinants and Implications of Self-perceived Authenticity: Beliefs About Authenticity and Reactions to Behavioral Incongruence
2016 Lacagninia, Michael Neuroimmune and developmental mechanisms regulating motivational behaviors for opioids
2016 Lane, Ilana Social-Cognitive Determinants of Success in Online Communities for Weight Management
2016 Lee, Victoria

The Role of Social Cognition and Person Perception in Economic Social Decision-Making

2016 Mullet, Hillary Optimizing the Correction of Memory Errors
2016 Pages, Daniel

Stimulus Integration and Parsing in the Primate Auditory Midbrain

2016 Park, Su Hean The impact of individual’s self-control beliefs on overcoming temptations
2016 Rainey, Courtnea Interoceptive Contributions to Motivational and Affective Modulators of Memory Formation
2016 Skalski, Linda The Impact of Marijuana Use on Memory in Patients with HIV/AIDS
2016 Stanek, Jessica

CircExpectation Modulates Episodic Memory Formation via Dopaminergic Circuitry

2016 Victor, Elizabeth Neural Mechanisms of Young Adult Sexual Decision Making and Risk Behavior
2016 Yin, Bin

Contributions of Dorsal/Ventral Hippocampus and Dorsolateral/Dorsomedial Striatum to Interval Timing

2015 Bolton, Jessica

Developmental Programming of Brain and Behavior: A Role for the Innate Immune System of the Placenta and Brain?

2015 Edmond, Sara

The Influence of Validation of Pain-Related Thoughts and Feelings on Positive and Negative Affect

2015 Gamble, Marissa

Neural Mechanisms of Auditory and Visual Search

2015 Gorka, Adam

A Novel Experimental Method for Measuring Proactive and Reactive Responses to Threat and an Examination of Their Personality and Neural Correlates

2015 Hopkin, Cameron

The Role of Self-Control, Social Support, and Reliance on Others in the Religiosity-Health Link

2015 Isherwood, Jenninder

Licensing in the Eating Domain: Implications for Effective Self-Control Maintenance

2015 Kiyonaga, Anastasia

When Working Memory and Attention Compete: Characterizing the Dynamic Interdependence between Our Mental Workspace and External Environment

2015 Koenka, Alison

Grade Expectations: An Investigation of Performance Feedback, Classroom Goal Structures, and the Motivational Consequences of their Dynamic Interplay

2015 Kragel, Phil

The Representation of Emotion in Autonomic and Central Nervous System Activity

2015 MacInnes, Jeffrey

Cognitive Neurostimulation: Learning to Volitionally Invigorate Mesolimbic Reward Network Activation

2015 Mann, Heather

An Honest Dissertation: Exploring the Roles of Culture and Character in Shaping Individual Dishonesty

2015 Putlin, Dimitri

The Golden Rule Ethic, its Measurement, and Relationships with Well-Being and Prosocial Values Across Four Religions in India

2015 Rossi, Mark

Basal Ganglia Regulation of Motivated Behaviors

2015 Sanchez, Amy Cultural Values, Coping Strategies, and HIV Risk Behaviors in African-American and Hispanic Adolescents
2015 Starr, Ariel

From Magnitudes to Math: Developmental Precursors of Quantitative Reasoning

2015 Wigdor, Alissa

A Friend in Need: The Influence of Friendship on the Psychosocial Adjustment of Youth with Chronic Health Conditions

2015 Wilson, Sarah

Psychological Sequelae of Obstetric Fistula in Tanzanian Women

2015 Wing, Erik Encoding-Retrieval Relationships in Episodic Memory: A Functional Neuroimaging Perspective
2015 Wren,  Ana Vanessa

Investigating the Efficacy of a Lovingkindness Meditation Intervention for Patients Undergoing Breast Cancer Surgery: A Randomized Controlled Pilot Study

2014 Allen, Taryn Quality of Life and Neurocognitive Functioning in Children with Sickle Cell Disease: Investigating the Feasibility of a Computerized Cognitive Training Program
2014 Barnard, Laura Exploring Shame and Guilt When it Matters Most: How our Reactions to Personally Relevant Transgressions Relate to Well-being or Distress
2014 Blomquist, Katrina Poetzl Jealousy in Close Relationships Among Emerging Adults
2914 Clark, Kait Variation in Visual Search Abilities and Performance
2014 Coutlee, Chris The Hierarchical Organization of Impulse Control: Implications for Decision Making
2014 Hersh, Jacqueline Can Computers Assist Treatment? Virtual Reality as a Possible Cue Exposure Technique with Adolescent Substance Abusers
2014 Jiang, Jiefeng A Bayesian Model of Cognitive Control
2014 Gu, Bon-Mi Oscillatory Mechanisms Supporting Interval Timing in Cortical-Striatal Circuits
2014 Hersh, Jacqueline

Can Computers Assist Treatment? Virtual Reality as a Possible Cue Exposure Technique With Adolescent Substance Abusers

2014 Lake, Jessica Emotional Modulation of Time Perception
2014 Martinez, Erin Postoperative Depression, Eating Behaviors, and Physical Activity as Indicators of Weight Loss in Gastric Bypass Patients
2014 Moskovich, Ashley Maladaptive Rule-governed Behavior in Anorexia Nervosa: The need for Certainty and Control
2014 Nikolova, Yuliya Individual Differences in Neural Reward and Threat Processing: Identifying Pathways of Risk and Resilience for Psychopathology
2014 San Martin Ulloa, Rene Attentional Biases in Value-Based Decision-Making
2014 Tognoni, Tina Neuronal Survival of the Fittest: The Importance of Aerobic Capacity in Exercise-Induced Neurogenesis and Cognition
2014 Umanath, Sharda Age Differences in Suggestibility Following Semantic Illusions: The Role of Prior Knowledge
2014 Williamson, Lauren Neuroimmune Signaling in the Hippocampus: Mechanisms of Risk and Resilience
2014 Winecoff, Amy Domain-General Affect: Neural Mechanisms and Clinical Implications
2013 Davisson, Erin Strengthening Self-Control by Practicing Inhibition and Initiation
2013 Dent, Amy The Relation Between Self-Regulation and Academic Achievement: A Meta-Analysis Exploring Variation in the Way Constructs are Labeled, Defined, and Measured
2013 Golonka, Megan Keeping in Touch: Relationships between Parenting Style, Parent-Child Electronic Communication, and the Developing Autonomy and Adjustment of College Students
2013 Keng, Shian-Ling A Laboratory Investigation of Mindfulness and Reappraisal As Emotion Regulation Strategies
2013 Kutlu, Munir Gunes Attentional Effects on Conditioned Inhibition of Discrete and Contextual Stimuli
2013 McCourt, Sandra The Impact of State Early Childhood Programs and Child Protective Services Policies on Resilience Following Experiences of Child Maltreatment
2013 Reeck, Crystal Affective Modulation of Executive Control
2013 Stanton, Michael Socioeconomic Stress by Dopamine Receptor 2 Gene Interactions in the Development of Obesity
2013 Toner, Kaitlin The Effects of Matching Post-transgression Accounts to Targets' Preferences
2013 Weeks, Molly Gender, Loneliness, and Friendship Satisfaction in Early Adulthood: The Role of Friendship Features and Friendship Expectations
2012 Donnelly, Jacqueline

Invalidation, Experiential Avoidance and Child Psychopathology

2012 Dunsmoor, Joseph Neurobehavioral Mechanisms Supporting the Generalization of Learned Fear in Humans
2012 Guadango, Jennifer The Mindful Path to Valued Living: Understanding the Associations Between Mindfulness and Valued Living
2012 Guerry, Whitney Brechwald

Peer Influences on Weight-related Behaviors and Attitudes in Adolescence: A Longitudinal Examination of Romantic Partner Effects

2012 Harris, Joseph Visual Object-Catergory Processing with and without Awareness
2012 Jones, Sarah

Comparative Studies of Numerical Cognition in Nonhuman Primates: From Numerical Comparison to Arithmetic

2012 Paulsen, David Development of Decision-Making Under Risk
2012 Smith, David Neural Circuitry of Social Valuation
2012 Snyder, Kate Developmental Pathways in Underachievement
2012 Witt, Melissa Anglos' and Latinos' Self-Regulation to Standards for Education and Parenthood
2012 Young, Andrea Socio-cultural Predictors of Parental Help-seeking for Child Psychopathology
2011 Allen, Ashley Understanding the Self-compassionate Mindset in Older Adults
2011 Ben-Eliyahu, Adar The Regulatory Capacities of Motivational Constructs: An examination of Academic Motivation and Self-Regulation Toward Academic Success in Favorite and Least Favorite Classes
2011 Bromell, Lea Neighborhood Influences on Health among Black and White Adults
2011 Cozza, Caroline Does Mindfulness Affect Subsystems of Attention?
2011 Cuper, Prudence Investigating the Effects of Fantasy Proneness and Instructions to Fantasize
2011 Davis, Simon The Science of Senescence: Functional and Structural Factors in the Cognitive Neuroscience of Aging
2011 Eslick, Andrea The Memorial Consequences of Retellings and Their Underlying Cognitive Mechanisms: The Role of Selective Rehearsal and Connections to Autobiographical Memory
2011 Franzese, Alexis Do Individual Differences in Authenticity Influence the Magnitude and Affective Consequences of Self-Discrepancies?
2011 Guo, Jia What do we know about joint attention in shared book reading? An eye-tracking intervention study
2011 Klenk, Megan McCrudden A Longitudinal Examination of Regulatory Focus Theory's Application to Adolescent Psychopathology
2011 Lacy, Jenny An Empirical Investigation of Eating Disorders and Difficulties Regulating Emotion: Do Difficulties Vary Based on Symptom Profiles?
2011 Pascoe, Anthony Stereotypes Can Be Learned through Implicit Associations or Explicit Rules
2011 Peairs, Krisen The Social World of Gifted Adolescents: Sociometric Status, Friendship, Social Network Centrality
2011 Ritchey, Maureen The Influence of Emotion on the Neural Correlates of Episodic Memory: Linking Encoding, Consolidation, and Retrieval Processes
2011 Venkatram, Vinod Strategic Variability in Risky Choice: Mechanisms and implications for Neuroanatomy of Cognitive Control
2011 Willard, Victoria Social Functioning in Survivors of Pediatric Caner: A conceptual Model of Assessment