Practicum and Ongoing Research Projects in Psychology

Research Practicum

If the area of research has not been worked out with your mentor in detail, consider taking our Practicum (PSY 203) which is less structured than Independent Study and serves as an introduction to a professor's work and laboratory. An average of five hours of work/week is expected. After you have reached an agreement with a faculty member to do practicum in his or her lab, fill out the practicum form here. Practica are half-credit, Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory graded courses, and require approval of the instructor and permission from the Office of Undergraduate Studies.

Ongoing Research Projects

There is a variety of opportunities available to undergraduates wanting to gain research experience through working on ongoing research projects. Review faculty bios to learn about their research before inquiring if there are research assistant positions available. The Office of Undergraduate Studies in Psychology also advertises research opportunities on its website and listserv for majors & minors. Finally, many faculty members have now begun to advertise research opportunities through DukeList website, Muser, and Research Connect. While opportunities come up at any time during the year, the majority of postings tend to show up at the start of fall and spring semesters, so plan accordingly!