Faculty Mentorship Vision Statement

Faculty of the Duke Department of Psychology and Neuroscience have chosen to become mentors to help guide and facilitate future leaders in the study and practice of psychology and neuroscience. In doing so, we aspire to lead by example via ethical and transformative research, engaged teaching, commitment to service, and respectful treatment of all persons.

In our mentorship, we aspire to:

  • Develop a common understanding of expectations between mentor and mentee;
  • Codify this understanding via ongoing conversations that specify benchmarks, development goals, and good research practices;
  • Be accessible to our mentees and provide timely and constructive feedback;
  • Provide and to listen to feedback regarding progress towards achieving these expectations;
  • Offer direction and guidance in helping our mentees to develop their research program;
  • Be sure supportive of different career paths and provide opportunities for professional development;
  • Create a space whereby students can freely voice concerns or disagreements as part of the scholarly pursuit of discovery without intimidation.

We seek to support our students in joint work that advances basic psychological science and neuroscience and that uses discoveries in our disciplines to advance the human condition.