P&N Dissertation Archive, 1971-1980

Year Name Title
1980 Anderson, Evan L. Determinants of Gaze Reciprocation and Mutual Gaze in Dyadic First Encounters
1980 Batts, Valerie A. Studies in Interracial and Intraracial Aggression: Implications for Black­-White Differences in High Blood Pressure
1980 Bauknight, Stephen Need Patterning in Married Couples: A Social Exchange Analysis
1980 Bond, Charles F. Performance in Public: Drive Theory and Beyond
1980 Buckley, Hendey H. Developmental Changes in the Use of Interpersonal Tactics to Obtain an Object
1980 Capitman, John A. Symbolic Racism Theory Criteria for Individual Differences Measures of Prejudice and the Validity of the Feeling Thermometer
1980 Crain, Steven A Model of Roles and Attributions in Sexual Interactions
1980 Giber, David J. The Psychological Effects of Prison Architecture and Environmental Design
1980 Gregory, John M. Clinical Judgment Research Tasks and the Psychotherapist's Ability to Understand Patients
1980 Holcombe, Virginia The Course and Laminar Origin of Several Descendin.g Tectofugal Pathways in the Grey Squirrel
1980 Kilpatrick-Tabak, Blair S. Helplessness, Hopelessness and the Recovery Process in Psychiatric Patients
1980 King, Michael C. Sequential Effects in the Variabilitv of Magnitude Estimations of Loudness
1980 Lawson, Jasper J. Social Influence, Social Status, and Conformity in Ea:dv Adolescence: An  Exploratory lnvestigation
1980 Lumpkin, Susan Sexual Solicitation Behavior in the Female Ring Dove (Streptopelia risoria)
1980 McCumbee, Ellen (Covey) Temporal Neural Coding in Gustation
1980 Orlandi, Mario A. Obesity: Symptom or Disease? The Role of Psychosocial Factors and Stigmatization in Determining Health Beliefs
1980 Quattrone, George Behavioral Consequences of Attributional  Bias
1980 Richardson, Rexford Intrapersonal Dimensions of Self­-Monitoring
  Schaefer, Rosalind Maternal Choice of Child-Rearing Strategy and Birth Order of Child
1980 Sprinson, John S. Realism of Adolescent Time Perspective: A Developmental Study
1980 Starling, Donna K. Voluntary Associations and the Psychological Well-Being of Older People
1980 Wheeler, Mary A. Mothers' Speech in Context: Age Changes and Language Lessons
1979 Cook, Judit W. Sex-Role Constraints and Demands on Personal Conversation in Dyads
1979 Crist, William B. Matching Performance and the Similarity Structure of the Stimulus Set
1979 Dorval, Bruce R. The Development of Conversation
1979 Evans, Nancy J. Priming in Semantic Categories: An Evaluation of the Effects of Similarity and Prototypicality
1979 Greenwald, Beatrice Understanding Stereotypes about Sex Differences in Personality: The Importance of Considering the Social Interaction Context
1979 Gunn, William A. Achievement Behavior in Executives: Motivational and Affective Correlates of Expectancies
1979 Horn, Raymond W. Effects of Age and Cuing on Retrieval from Semantic Memory
1979 Hull, Jay G. Cognitive Parameters of Behavior Change
1979 Jones, Doyle R. Auditory Pathways in the Brain Stem of the Tree Shrew (Tupaia glis)
1979 Linville, Patricia W. Dimensional Complexity and Evalua­tive Extremity: A Cognitive Model Predicting Polarized Evaluations of Outgroup Members
1979 McGehee, Lockie J. The Premature Infant's Interactive Capacity: Its Significance for the Mother-Infant Dyad
1979 Zenone, Patricia G Protection of Genetic Paternity in the Ring Dove (Streotopelia risoria)
1979 Zook, John M. Auditory Pathways in the Brain Stem of the Mustache Bat, Pteronotus p. parnellii
1978 Allen, Theresa O. Internal and External Influences on the Incubation Behavior of Ring Doves (Streptooelia risoria)
1978 Cascione, Rosa Influence of Brain Monoamines on the Courtship Behavior of Male Ring Doves (Streotopelia risoria)
1978 Dodge, Kenneth A. The Role of Social Cognition in the Development of Aggressive Behavior in Children
1978 Gruenewald, Paul J. The Classification of Multidimen­sional Stimuli
1978 Hillson, Roger The Configural Analysis of Sensory Neural Data
1978 Humphrey, Allen L. Topographic Organization of the Orientation Column System in the Striate Cortex of the Tree Shrew (Tupaia glis)
1978 Lorber, Charles M. Spatial Frequency Analysis in Metacontrast
1978 Matter, Jean Anne An Attributional Analysis of the Effects of Target Status and Presence of Ulterior Motives on Children's Judgments of Two Types of Ingratiating Behavior
1978 Raczkowski, Denis An Anatomical Study of the Tecto-­Pulvinar Path in the Prosimian Galago senegalensis
1978 Schroeder, Elissa M. The lnfluence of Self-Monitoring Stvles on Conformity-Related Phenomena
1978 Stagman, Terry Lou Role of Relaxation Procedures in the Svstern.atic Desensitization Treatment of Phobias: An Analogue Study
1978 Woolston, Donald C. An Evaluation of Taste Neuron Response Profile Similarity in the Rat
1977 Albano, Joanne E. The Laminar Organization of Receptive Field Properties in Tree Shrew Superior Colliculus
1977 Bateman, Patrick Sex Differences in Some aspects of Self-Disclosure in Married Couples
1977 Berglas, Steven C. Strategies oi Externalization and Performance: The Facilitative Effect of Disruptive Drugs
1977 Brass, Esther R. An Analysis of Perceptual Styles: Are There Reducers and Augmenters?
1977 Drake, Robert E. Living Preference and Community Tenure
1977 Herman, Steven H. Visual Dream Imagery in Rapid Eve Movements During Sleep
1977 Jay, Jeffrey A. An Investigation of the Structure of Worry
1977 Lhotsky, Jan D. An Examination of the Effects of Paradoxical Sleep Deprivation on Sexual Behavior in Men
1977 Marks, Alan E. Expectations and the Perception of Control
1977 Oliver, Douglas L. Architecture and Connections of the Medial Geniculate Bodv in tbe Tree Shrew, Tuoaia gis
1977 Paige, Barbara K. Sex-Typing in Wives and Husbands as Related to Several Measures of the Marriage Relationship
1977 Pennington, Bruce F. What Piaget's Conservation of Number Task Doesn't Tell Us About a Child's Understanding of Numerical Invariance and Arithmetic
1977 Price, Leonard J. Response Thresholds During Tonic REM, Phasic REM, and NREM-2 Sleep: Evidence of Heterogeneity Within the REM Period
1977 Smyer, Michael A. Differential Usage and Differential Effects of Services for Impaired Elderly
1977 Wolf, Sharon The Effectiveness of Dependence and Consistency as Sources of Minority Influence
1976 Adams, Donald W. A Test of lnteractional Power Theory: The Effects of Sibling-Status upon Dependence, Power, and Influence Success in Sibling Pairs
1976 Archer, Richard L. Reactance as a Result of Repeated Threats and an Intervening Restoration of Attitudinal Freedom
1976 Bruhn, Arnold Rahn Earliest Memories of Being Punished as Predictors of Control Stance
1976 Foster, Robert The Organization of Central Auditory Pathways in a Reptile, Iguana iguana
1976 Lambe, Dean R. Effects of Restricted Stimuli from the Male on Ovarian Activity and Behavior in the Female Ring Dove
1976 Starr, Bettie C. Sensory Superstition on Interval Schedules
1976 Van Buskirk, Richard Odorant Responses in the Rat Gustatory Nucleus of the Solitary Tract Mediated by Trigeminal Afferents
1975 Ferebee, Nancy S. Motivation to Increase Control over an Outcome
1975 George, James M. The Effects of Attitude and Commit­ment on Retention
1975 Glenn, John Frazier Gastric Modulation of Gustatory Afferent Activity
1975 Kravitz, Frederick Mark Predicting Behavior: An Examination of the Utilities of Trait and Interaction Approaches to Locus of Control
1975 Kronberg, Charles L. Interpersonal Style and Comple­mentary Response Evocation
1975 Lenthall, Gerard The Couple's Marital Pyramid: An Investigation of the Marital Dyad
Involving Sibling Configuration Fit and Cognitive Style Role Differentiation for Two Different Educational Levels
1975 Ritchie, Pierre The Effect of the Interviewer's Presentation on Some Schizophrenic Symptomatology
1975 Smith, David E. The Effects of Initial Uncertainty of Self-Knowledge on Responses to Evaluations from Other People
1974 Atencio, Frank W. The Effects of Occipital, Temporal and Parietal Lesions on Visual Dis­crriminations in a Prosimian Primate, Galago senegalensis
1974 Briggs, Gary G. The Effects of Cerebral Organization on the Control of Fine Movements
1974 Cowgell, Virginia G. Responding to Suicidal Communica­tions
1974 Damgaard, Jacqueline Structured Versus Unstructured Procedures for Training Groups in the Expression of Feeling-Cause Relations
1974 Dean, Larry J. Determinants and Consequences of Subjective Expectations:  A Study of Outcome Values, Expectancy, Affect and Defensiveness
1974 Eisenman, Leonard M. Neural Encoding of Sound Location: An Electrophysiological Study in Auditory Corte:,; (AI) of the Cat Using Free Field Stimuli
1974 Grumet, Judy F. Effects of Adult and Peer Sanctions on Children's Attributions of Preference
1974 Johnson, Carl A. The Effects of Personal Control on Stimulus Expectations
1974 McGillis, Daniel B. A Correspondent Inference Theory Analysis of Attitude Attribution
1974 Sattin, Dana B. The Effects of Expectancy and Professional ldentitv upon Attribu­tions of Mental Illness
1974 Snyder, Melvin L. The Field Engulfing Behavior: An Investigation of Attributing Emotional States and Dispositions
1974 Webbink, Patricia G. Eve Contact and Intimacy
1974 Whatley, Judith Lee Consistency and Dependence as Sources of Conformity Influence and the Relation to Psychological Reactance
1973 Bell, Linda Influence of Need to Control on Differences in Attribution of Causality by Actors and Observers
1973 Brantley, Helen A Study of Motoric Variables and Their Relationships with Intellective and Personal Adjustment Characteristics of Children
1973 Brehm, Sharon Developmental Aspects of Objective Self Awareness
1973 Caplan (Mohl), Paula Sex Differences in Determinants of Anti-Social Behavior
1973 Casagrande, Vivien Behavioral Changes Following Ablation of the Superior Colliculus in the Tree Shrew (Tupaia glis)
1973 Cherniack, Saralee Affiliation, Small Group Structure, and accuracy of Person Perception
1973 Davis, J. Michael Socially Induced Flight Reactions in Pigeons
1973 Downing, Jerry Psychological Characteristics of Creative Inspiration and the Ideational Creativity/lntelligence Contrast
1973 Edquist, Manuel lnterpersonal Choice and Social Attraction Among Four Interpersonal Types
1973 Farnill, Douglas Inferential Set and Children's Uses of Intention in Their Social Judgments
1973 Gerdes, John L. Attribution of Responsibility for Failure, Stability of Failure, Achievement Motivation, and HelpSeeking
1973 Keith-Lucas, Timothy Avoidance Learning to Stimulus Objects Presented Following Shock
1973 Kello, John E. Observation of the Behavior of Rats Running to Reward and Nonreward in an Alleyway
1973 Mabli, Jerome The Risky Shift as a Function of Information about Others' Risk Levels
1973 Martinez- Vargas,
The Induction of Nest-Building in the Ring Dove (Streptopelia risoria): Hormonal and Social Factors
1973 Proctor, Eugenia C. Autonomic Arousal and Subjective Report of Anxiety and Behavior under Stress
1973 Wager, Earl F. Visual Functions of the Cortex:  An Investigation Using the Methods of Behavioral Training and Cortical Ablation in the Grey Squirrel
1973 Wortman, Camille Some Determinants of Perceived Control
1972 Bruce, Richard C. The Role of Attention in Perceptual Asymmetries
1972 Cassel, Thomas Z. Stimulus Representation in the Somesthetic System. Receptive Field Dvnamics, Across Fiber
Patterns and Behavior Specialization
1972 Fehrenbach, Paul K. Personality as a Factor in Reported Post-Retirement Anxiety Among Professionals
1972 Fisher, Milton Processing Dichotic Stimuli: Latency Measures versus Order of Report
1972 Gatz, Margaret J. Graphic Representation of Solid Objects in Young Children
1972 Hass, Rolland Glen Resisting Persuasion and Examining Message Content: The Effects of Source Credibility Production
1972 Hawthorne, James W. The Influence of the Set and Depen­dence of the Data Collector on the Experimenter Bias Effect
1972 Lothstein, Leslie M. Personal space in assault-prone male adolescent prisoners
1972 Malone, John C., Jr Contrast Effects in Jviaintained Generalization Gradients
1972 Mancusi, Joseph L. Vasomotor Conditioning of Finger Pulse Volume Using Nonpainful Aversive Visual Stimuli
1972 Townsend, Richard E. Human Regional Cerebral Blood Flow During Slow Wave Sleep and Rapid Eye Movement Sleep
1972 Waterbor, Robert D. Experiential Bases of the Sense of Self
1971 Babad, Elisha A Cognitive Analvsis of the "Social Deprivation-Satiation Effect"
1971 Berryhill, Judith The Total Time Hypothesis in an Aged Population
1971 Buehler, J. Nicholas The Physical Luminances in the Stimulus Display and the Phenomenon of Simultaneous Brightness Contrast
1971 Ganung, Cynthia Motivational Determinants of Verbal Learning in Older Women
1971 Gravetter, Frederick Stimulus Range as a Frame of Reference for Judgment
1971 Hammock, Thomas The Effect of Barriers Upon the Attractiveness of Goal Objects
1971 Lomranz, Jacob Variants in Group Sensitivity Training and Encounter
1971 Monahan, John S. Extra-Retinal Compensation for Saccades: Its Magnitude and Timing
1971 Shapiro, Kenneth The Concept of Introversion: Theoretical, Empirical, and Descriptive Considerations
1971 Vance, Terry G. Pretense Behavior and Change: Effects of Responsibilitv and Irrespons­ibility on Change Following Positive and Negative Discrepant Role-Play
1971 Ward, Lawrence Some Psychophysical Properties of Category Judgments and Magnitude Estimations
1971 Ware, Carolyn B. The Role of Visual Cortex in Successive Discrimination in the Tree Shrew
1971 Wells, David T. Voluntary Control of Heart Rate
1971 Worchel, Stephen The Effect of Simple Frustration, Violated Expectancy, and Reactance on the Instigation to Aggression