Student Spotlight: Dev Shah

Hometown Wheeling, WV & Sanford, NC
Research Area

Neighborhood socioeconomic disadvantage and dementia risk at the Moffitt-Caspi Lab. Our project assesses the social determinants of healthy brain development and aging, focusing specifically on midlife risk for dementia.

Why Duke? The people & the school spirit! Duke is full of passionate, unique, and kind-hearted individuals who have helped make me who I am today. The support of my peers and mentors and our shared love of Duke (basketball) is what makes this such a special place – and the Duke experience like no other!
Post-Bac Plans Attend medical school, ideally somewhere warm. Afterwards, I hope to pursue a residency in a medical field related to neuroscience and teach aspiring physicians.
Campus and/or Community Involvement

DevilTHON (Duke’s Dance Marathon Program, which fundraises for Duke Children’s Hospital), ED Help Desk Volunteer, and Orientation Logistics Committee


"I initially became interested in neuroscience because I wanted to study the biological underpinnings of mental illness, which I very much enjoyed learning about in my classes at Duke. With time, my interests shifted towards neurodegenerative diseases and the various social determinants that play a role in dementia."