Student Spotlight: Carla Guedikian, '22 (Neuroscience)

Carla will graduate this Spring!
Carla smiles as she reflects on her time here at Duke.

“March Madness” has just begun and our Student Spotlight feature for this month, Senior Carla Guedikian, is definitely excited! Carla is an avid basketball player and lover. The Los Angeles native was impressed at how Duke offers a great balance of academics and fun activities upon her campus tour. While this was a heavy influence on her decision to become a Blue Devil, she decided on a study track for Neuroscience prior to her arrival.

“Neuro 223 was my favorite course. We met weekly with groups and executed projects that encouraged team building and connection, which is important for learning.  It is the only Neuro course that I’ve taken that dug into the molecular aspect of the brain; and it affirmed my decision to conduct molecular research. I also really enjoyed how Dr. Newpher made a class that would usually be difficult exceptionally fun.”

Carla’s heart for people and community has impacted people on a global level. In addition to connecting with her passion for sports, Duke also allowed her the opportunity to visit Lebanon, a country that is extremely special to her for various reasons.

“I’ve always wanted to go to Lebanon, and I got the opportunity to do so through DukeEngage. The experience is one that I’ve always wanted since my parents once lived there and my father has familial roots there.”

During her time across seas, Carla also enjoyed the time that she spent as a SAT tutor to high school students. Not only did she get to impact and give back to her community, but she even encouraged some of them to attend Duke – and it worked!