Statistics Courses

  Number Title
  BIO 304 (previously 204) Biological Data Analysis
  ECON 104 Fundamentals of Econometrics and Data Science
  PSY 201L Introduction to Statistical Methods in Psychology
  PSY 204 & 205 Quantitative Research Methods & Statistics for Psychological Sciences 1 and 2
  STA 101 Data Analysis and Statistical Inference
  STA 102L Introductory Biostatistics
  STA 104 Data Analysis and Statistical Inference - Online
  STA 110FS Focus Program - Introductory Special Topics in Statistics
  STA 111 Probability and Statistical Inference
  STA 130 Probability and Statistics in Engineering
  STA 198L Introduction to Health Data Science
  STA 199L Introduction to Data Science and Statistical Thinking
  STA 230


  STA 231 Advanced Introduction to Probability