Langley King, 2012

Ambassador Engagement & Impact Manager, The Girls' Network (London, UK)

Professional Background

After graduating, I worked in Charlotte, North Carolina with Project LIFT, an initiative to dramatically improve the most underserved, underperforming public schools in the city. I served as a literacy teacher for 2nd and 3rd grade and had the experience of being in the midst of a school in 'turnaround'.  After several years there, I moved to London, UK and have stayed actively involved in education and social justice through my current role at a charity that supports at-risk girls in and out of traditional school.  Ultimately, I hope to move into school leadership and policy and serve as a change maker in the educational sphere. 

How has being a P&N graduate helped shape your professional success?

I focused on Developmental Psychology as an undergrad, something which has greatly impacted my understanding of current educational inequalities in my everyday work. I still remember my 'Developmental Psychology' introductory lecture course as we debated gender stereotypes in toys, breastfeeding, discipline practices, and countless other issues that impact children far before they're ever in formal education.  Beyond the courses focusing on developmental psychology, I loved the breadth of courses that I could take to satisfy requirements.  Another course I took on the psychology of diversity and race completely changed the way I perceive bias and prejudice today. Further, Even the courses I took that don't directly relate to my work today were immensely transformative and helpful to my develop as a thinker and learner.  Having a P&N degree allowed me to pursue my passion and still expose myself to new ideas and topics that sit beyond the nature of what I do today, which has allowed me to be a well-rounded, informed and engaged professional in a variety of industries. 

Langley King, 2012