Loree Lipstein, 2003

Founder & Principal , Thread Strategies, Washington, DC

How has being a P&N graduate helped shape your professional success?

I've spent my career working in the nonprofit sector, mostly as a fundraiser. After graduating from Fuqua in 2015, I launched my own nonprofit fundraising consulting firm. In all my fundraising roles, including now as an advisor, at the core of my work is understanding human behavior and motivation for taking action - specifically in our case to respond to a call to action to donate money. My background in psychology has been incredibly important in this work.Not only to understand motivations to design fundraising strategy, but in just my every day interactions with donors and clients. Fundraising is all about building relationships, and to be an excellent relationship builder you need to understand people, which really comes from understanding psychology.

What advice would you give students in Psychology?

There are very few professions that you will go into that don't rely heavily on being able to positively interact with other people at a minimum. Taking that one step farther, strategically interacting with other people will likely bring you professional advantages. A Psychology degree is a fantastic base for developing these skills. So regardless of what actual job you pursue after graduation, look at your Psychology degree as setting you up for successful human interaction in your workplace and within your job function, which will be an advantage in any sector.

Loree Lipstein, 2003