Congratulations Class of 2020!

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Dear Psychology and Neuroscience graduates,
Congratulations! Each of you has your own set of accomplishments: new knowledge from classes, new discoveries from your research, or new skills from clinical or pre-professional training. Your path through Duke has been different from anyone else’s – and different from what any of us expected -- and it is worthy of celebration. You are now a graduate of Duke university, and that’s a wonderful thing to say!  
On behalf of everyone in our department, I want to express our great pride in your accomplishments. Even though you are leaving Duke for the next stage of your studies or career, you will always be part of the Duke family. So, keep in touch! We know that you will use what you’ve learned here at Duke to change our world for the better.
Best wishes,
Scott Huettel
Professor and Chair
Department of Psychology & Neuroscience

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