Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience


The biological bases of higher brain function, including perception, attention, memory, language, emotion, executive functions and consciousness. Emphasis on human brain function at the macroscopic network-level, and the current theories and controversies in this rapidly growing field. Course is not recommended for first years. Prerequisite (one of the following): Neuroscience 101 or 102/Psychology 106 or 107, or Psychology 102, or Psychology 275/Neuroscience 201/Biology 224, or Neurobiology 195FS/Neuroscience 195FS, or Neurobiology 193FS/Psychology 193FS/Neuroscience 193FS, or permission of instructor.


Prerequisite: Neuroscience 101/Psychology 106 or Neuroscience 102/Psychology 107 or Psychology 102 or Neuroscience 201/Psychology 275/Biology 224 or Neurobiology 195FS/Neuroscience 195FS

Curriculum Codes
  • NS
Cross-Listed As
  • PSY 217
Typically Offered
Fall and/or Spring