Interdepartmental Major Options (Psychology IDM, Neuroscience IDM)

General Guidelines For Interdisciplinary Major (IDM) Proposals Involving Psychology

  • Review the recommended IDM plan involving psychology available here.
  • Students are expected to identify faculty members, who will serve as their IDM advisor, and meet with advisors to discuss the course plan that best meets the student's goal.
  • Once the plan is finalized, students must email their forms to for signature before the final submission to Trinity.

General Guidelines For Interdisciplinary Major (IDM) Proposals Involving Neuroscience

  • Neuroscience coursework should start with NEUROSCI 101 or 102 (Biological Bases of Behavior)
  • Next, take 2 NEUROSCI core courses: NEUROSCI 201, 202, 212, 223
  • Concurrent with core courses, take:  

      -1 course in statistical science or computer science
      -1 NEUROSCI methods/lab course (e.g., NEUROSCI 376, NEUROSCI 380L)      

  • Then, take 2 NEUROSCI electives, with 1 being an upper division seminar (>350S or higher)
  • While working through the neuroscience courses listed above, fulfill a subset of co-requisite requirements across the two departments (a total of 3 co-requisite courses for A.B. and 5 co-requisite courses for B.S.). If both departments require co-requisites, then the courses can be split between departments at the discretion of the student and Director of Undergraduate Studies. Otherwise, students should choose among the co-requisites available for the appropriate A.B. or B.S. tracks of the Neuroscience major.
  • Complete Trinity’s Interdepartmental Major Proposal:
  • Before completing the Trinity Interdepartmental Major Proposal, discuss your plan with the Directors of Undergraduate Studies of BOTH majors.