11 P&N Faculty Members Selected for 2019-2020 Research Seed Grants

2019-2020 P&N Faculty Seed Grant Recipients

11 faculty members from the Department of Psychology & Neuroscience have been awarded Research Seed Grants via philanthropic support from The Charles Lafitte Foundation.

The faculty projects – all of which exhibit great promise for generating exceptional research – were chosen by review committee. Award letters stated, “It has been heartening to see all of the creative ways our faculty proposed to engage students in world-class science – and to anticipate how these projects would have continuing impact over the coming years.” 

Congratulations to each of the outstanding 2019-2020 research seed grant recipients! 

Prof. Avshalom Caspi 
 “Epigenetic approaches to the study of accelerated aging”

Prof. Ruth Day
“Global Side Effects: Effects of Prescription Drug Ads on Cognition and Action”

Profs. Tobias Egner and Paul Seli
“Crossing the bridge between laboratory-based and real-world controlled attention and mind wandering in a driving simulator”

Prof. Michael Gaffrey
“Mobile EEG as a departmental resource to support real-world developmental neuroscience at Duke”

Profs. Sarah Gaither and Nancy Zucker
“Social Identity and Mental Health: Minimizing barriers to positive well-being in college settings”

Prof. Bridgette Martin Hard
“Do Intuitive Theories About Teaching Shape Academic Choices and Responses?”

Profs. Thomas Newpher and Minna Ng
“Launch of Team-Based Learning Lab”

Prof. Gregory Samanez-Larkin    
“Using neuroimaging to optimize mobile interventions targeting healthy brain aging”

Prof. Paul Seli
“Augmenting creative problem-solving in the hypnagogic dream state”