2018 Summer Vertical Integration Program Poster Session

Friday, July 20, 2018
VIP summer 2018

Congratulations to all who participated in this year's Vertical Integration Program (VIP), the annual summer research program for Psychology majors. Beginning in May, VIP students conducted research with P&N graduate students and faculty mentors, and attended weekly seminars and statistical workshops. The program concluded with a poster session in Rubenstein Library on Thursday 7/12, in which students were able to present their research to the wider Duke Community. Names of our VIP scholars are listed below, with links to their posters:

Bari Britvan, Normativity in group-level expectations conveyed by peer and adult informants

Cathy Chen, Memory for Movement: Effect of Memory Cues on Learning Ease

Kendall Clay, Socioeconomic Status and Self-Regulation in Academic Contexts

Jonathon Delery, The Effects of Goal Projection on Coal Contagion

Mackenzie DeLoatch, The Influence of Roommate Race on Future Diverse Interactions

Morgan Ferrans, What's so Special About a Face? Social Cues and Emotion Learning

Maddie Fowler, Measuring executive function in children with comorbid autism spectrum disorder and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder

Katie Freedy, Emotion Regulation and the Experience of Future Negative Mood: the Importance of Assessing Social Support

Kayla Harris, Personal and Common Ground in Preschoolers

Katie Herrmann, Your Anxiety Can Help You! - A video Intervention for Exam Anxiety Reappraisal

Celia Kohler, Linking Parenting Style to Parenting Behaviors & Child Self-Regulation

Hannah McDaniel, Dependent Children as a Stress Factor for Couples Communication in Cancer

Julia Nicholas, How does Internalized Weight Bias Increase Risk for Binge Eating?

Nneka Nwabueze,  Seating Preference as a Proxy for Social Preference

Sena Park, Developing a New Measure of Financial Literacy

Claire Stout, Suicide and Religion: Is Sexual Orientation a Mediating Factor?

Tori Trimm, Empathy or Justice: Preschoolers' Responses to Defection and Remorse in Collaborative Tasks

Tanner Young, Express Yourself: A Deeper Look Into Nonverbal Communication

Felix Wu, The Intersectionality of Sexual Orientation and BIracial Identity on Rates of Alcoholism