Neuroscience undergrads become fall 2020 Duke Service-Learning Assistants (SLAs)

Lilly Kelemen, Duke ‘23, Sophomore, Majoring in Neuroscience

Duke Service Learning has introduced its Fall 2020 service-learning assistants (SLAs), among the students are two Neuroscience majors: 

  • Pierce Hollier, Duke ‘22, Junior, Majoring in Neuroscience, Minoring in Global Health — SLA for Advanced Intermediate Spanish with Service-Learning (SPANISH 205) with Eileen Anderson
  • Lilly Kelemen, Duke ‘23, Sophomore, Majoring in Neuroscience, Minoring in Education — SLA for Theater Studies 311S: Legal Issues for the Performing Arts (THEATRST 311S) with Dan Ellison

SLAs work closely with faculty teaching undergraduate service-learning courses, performing tasks such as facilitating community placements; serving as a liaison between faculty, students, and community partners; and leading critical reflection activities. They play an integral role in supporting faculty and Service Learning could not fulfill its mission without them. 

Pierce Hollier, Duke ‘22