P&N Graduate Students and Postdocs Receive Research Seed Grants


Psychology & Neuroscience is proud to announce the inaugural winners of the Graduate / Postdoctoral research awards. These students and fellows each received awards of up to $5,000 to spark novel research projects and to connect their research ideas to faculty and undergraduate students in our department.

Christina Bejjani Modeling How Episodic Memory Affects the Learning of Cognitive Control on an Individual and Group Level
Alexander Breslav Do computational models of human learning generalize to behavior reinforced with food?
Erin Campbell to purchase Infant electroencephalogram (EEG) 20-channel caps, Active Electrode, 2 sizes and gel
Emily Cherenack Stress, Coping, Mental Health, and Reproductive Health among Adolescent Girls and Young Women Transitioning Through Puberty in Tanzania
Eva Gjorjieva Investigating the time-course and mnemonic consequences of fluctuations in sustained attention
Abigail Hsiung Elucidating Changes in Curiosity as a Function of the Magnitude of Information Gap
Lori Keeling REThink: Remembering, Eating, and Thinking study
Namsoo Kim Different classes of neurons in the striatum play distinct roles underlying controlling and coordinating goal-directed behaviors
Rosa Li Using social utility models to measure other-regarding preferences in young children
Kibby McMahon Social Emotions: The relationships among emotion dysregulation, empathy, and interpersonal problems in adults.
Adam  Stanaland Identifying Real-World Sources of Gender Identity Threat
Brenda Straka Are You In, Or Are You Out? Groups, Identity, and Social Exclusion
Glenn Watson A diencephalic pathway for movement initiation and Parkinsonian Rescue
Janai Williams Impact of chronic early life stress on cognitive decline and neuropathogenesis in a female mouse model of Alzheimer’s Disease
Wouter Wolf Is fully fledged joint attention necessary for social bonding in children and chimpanzees?
Brenda Yang Intelligence Mindsets Across Classrooms 
Paula Yust Friendship Beliefs and Students’ Social Well-being in Adolescence