Special Funding Report 2019-2020: Charles Lafitte Foundation Program in Psychological Research at Duke University

2019-2020 Impact Report Front Page

The Department of Psychology and Neuroscience is pleased to release its special funding 2019-2020 Impact Report, Charles Lafitte Foundation Program in Psychological Research at Duke University. The document highlights the program's achievements with feature stories, data, photographs, and student testimonials. A link to the full 15-page report can be found below. 

In a statement from leadership about the special funding opportunities provided to the department, Professor and Department Chair Scott Huettel shared these words: 

“Our department – like Duke and the world – has been buffeted by all of the upheaval of the past few months. In such difficult times, when so many members of our community are suffering through a worldwide pandemic that exacerbates the systemic inequities in our society, the support from the Charles Lafitte Foundation has provided new opportunities for action. Our students and faculty have sparked new projects on topics from how COVID changes attitudes toward risks to how identity shapes individual social behavior. They have risen to the challenge of the times by doing research that matters – not only for the advancement of science, but also for the advancement of our society. We are extraordinarily grateful that the Foundation believes in the value of that research."