Clinical Research Specialist Position @ Emory University

Responsibilities:  A Clinical Research Specialist position will be available beginning in January or February of 2022 in the Translational Research in Affective Disorders Laboratory (TReAD Lab) at Emory University. The Research Specialist/Coordinator will assist with all aspects of the research process (designing/programming experiments, recruiting/running participants, analyzing behavioral and neuroimaging data) involved in longitudinal studies with clinical adolescent and adult samples. This is an excellent position for anyone seeking research experience and training in clinical and cognitive neuroscience before applying to graduate programs.

Preferred skills/qualifications: A bachelor's degree or higher in cognitive science, neuroscience, psychology, or related field is required. Candidates should be self-motivated, independent, and reliable. Strong organizational and communication skills are also essential. Prior experience in human affective, clinical, or cognitive neuroscience (e.g., conducting and analyzing fMRI or EEG studies), behavioral experiment administration, IRB management, or clinical interviewing experience will all be viewed positively, but are not required. Strong computer programming skills (especially MATLAB and/or Python) are highly preferred. A two-year commitment is required.

More information about current studies can be found at To apply, please complete and submit an application using the provided job link:

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