M.S. in Psychology – Psychological Sciences Concentration @ Western Kentucky University

The Department of Psychological Sciences at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky is seeking applicants to its M.S. in Psychology – Psychological Sciences concentration. The program is a two-year, 37-hour graduate program designed to help students acquire the quantitative and methodological skills needed to successfully compete for entry into a Ph.D. program in Psychology or a related area. It also serves students who are looking for research experience and training they can use in jobs that require quantitative and methodological skills beyond the undergraduate level. Many graduates of the program have been accepted to prestigious doctoral programs or work in companies, research institutes, and laboratories across the country. 

 The M.S. program offers research opportunities in a number of areas including learning and memory, perception, neuroscience, child development, clinical science, cognitive aging, social psychology, language, and emotion. Students work closely with faculty on their master’s theses. The curriculum is designed to advance graduate students’ quantitative and methodological skills, to bolster knowledge in the core areas of psychological science, and to foster professional development. Students are encouraged to develop their speaking and writing skills, and many collaborate with faculty on peer-reviewed publications and conference presentations. In addition, students may obtain a graduate certificate in Scientific Data Analytics.  In the last 5 years, 100% of our students received financial support through assistantships and/or tuition waivers.

contact the program coordinator, Dr. Matthew Shake, directly by email. They may also visit the WKU Graduate School website for a list of recruitment events where they can obtain more information about the university and the town of Bowling Green 

Students who apply by the March 1, 2021 deadline are given priority consideration for financial support. 

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