Ph.D. Program in Developmental Sciences @ Vanderbilt University

The Vanderbilt University Developmental Sciences program encourages applications to its PhD program. 

The Developmental Sciences faculty share a common mission: To understand how learning and development are supported by environmental factors and by basic social and cognitive processes across infancy and childhood. Our faculty bring a variety of perspectives to this common mission. We investigate the role of basic processes in complex actions and reasoning, such as coordinating actions, attention and emotions, comprehending and producing language, understanding other people and their minds, understanding symbols and media, memory, reading, and solving math problems. We utilize experimental methods to identify causal factors to evaluate change processes, and we assess change both at the behavioral and neural level. This common mission has made it possible for many of our faculty to engage in fruitful collaborations with one another as well as with researchers in other areas and other disciplines.

An important feature of our program is the flexibility students have to design an individualized program. With program requirements as their foundation, students work closely with their major professor and other faculty members in advanced courses and in developing their research interests, skills, and academic programs. All admitted students receive funding for five years.

The application deadline is December 1st.

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