Research Assistant Position @ Harvard's Gaab Lab

The Gaab Lab ( at Harvard works at the intersection of neuroscience, education, EdTech, and policy. We focus on typical/atypical learning trajectories with a special focus on language and reading development and the role of the environment in shaping these trajectories. We are seeking a full-time research assistant with a start date ASAP.  

 The Research Assistants will be responsible for:

  • MRI/fMRI scanning and behavioral testing of young children, infants, and their parents in-person and in virtual settings
  • Subject recruitment, scheduling and assessments for various research studies, which may include close interaction with or conducted in schools and daycare centers in the Boston area and in national/international settings
  • Implementation and maintenance of analysis software
  • Preparation of IRB documentation and submissions in conjunction with the Principal Investigator and/or other members of the research team
  • Conducting data collection activities and preparing analytical reports regarding results of studies
  • Will have an opportunity to contribute to stimuli design, data analyses and/or publications

 To qualify, you must have:

A Bachelor's degree in psychology, cognitive science, neuroscience, education, or a related field and two years of relevant work experience (relevant coursework may count towards experience). Comfort with a heterogeneous computing environment (Linux/Unix, Mac, and Windows) as well as some programming experience preferred; knowledge of psychological experiment software (E Prime, Presentation, etc.) and/or fMRI analyses software very helpful. Demonstrable pre-existing interest in cognitive neuroscience desired; knowledge of neuroanatomy or statistics extremely helpful.

Prior experience working with infants and small children (e.g., in a preschool or daycare setting or within a research project) will be a plus. Must be self-motivated and able to work in a fast-paced, changing environment and must like working with children.

Start will be ASAP. All interested applicants should email a resume/CV and cover letter to with the subject line “Research Assistant Position”

  • Paid job
  • Post-graduation