Psychology BS


1. Completion of the Requirements for the AB

2. Quantitative Studies Requirement: Students must take one of the following courses: MATH 22, 112, or 122; STA 210 or 340. Note that PSY 201L, the statistics class in Psychology, will not enable students to enroll in STA 210 or 340, and students should review the Statistical Science website for the prerequisites for these classes.

3. Five Natural Science Electives Requirement. Some flexibility is allowed in completing this requirement, thus different students may follow different paths to the BS, considering the following:

  • Students must take five electives from the approved list from at least two departments outside of Psychology. Courses in another department that are cross-listed with Psychology do not count as a different department. Thus, the minimum number of classes to be taken outside of Psychology to satisfy the BS requirements is two.
  • Up to two empirically oriented Independent Study classes in Psychology may count towards the five NS elective requirement if not used to satisfy the 11-course AB requirement.
  • At least three of the five courses must be at or above the 200-level.

**PLEASE NOTE: Not all courses that carry an NS code are approved for the BS degree in psychology. Courses are selected for the list because they carry extensive psychological content or direct application in the study of psychology.