Department welcomes new staff member Chelsea Fillippa

Chelsea Fillippa

The department of Psychology & Neuroscience welcomes new staff member Chelsea Fillippa to the role of Program Coordinator / Director of Graduate Studies Assistant (DGS-A). Having previously served as a program assistant and DGS-A in the department of Economics, she brings with her a wealth of background knowledge about the role. 

Below is a Q&A introducing Fillippa to the broader community.  


What is your official job title? Program Coordinator / Director of Graduate Studies Assistant (DGS-A)


What does your position involve?  I work directly with the P&N PhD students, DGSs, and faculty. My primary role is helping the students navigate the administrative and payroll components of their PhD journey.


Can you briefly describe your first weeks at P&N? The first few weeks at P&N were a bit hectic and overwhelming, but as I’ve had time to learn about the program and department, things have settled down.  It’s been great to be back on campus in-person and meet the students, staff, and faculty.


What are you enjoying about Duke/P&N thus far? Meeting new people and reconnecting with old coworkers who have also joined the P&N department.


What were you doing prior to your arrival to P&N? Prior to P&N, I was working in the Economics Department at Duke. I was the Program Assistant and DGS-A for their PhD program. Before joining Duke, I worked at the University of Pittsburgh, for the Osher Lifelong Learning Program.


What is the first job you ever had? When I was 15, I worked at a water park in Pittsburgh during the summer.


What is your hometown? Pittsburgh, PA


What do you enjoy doing in your free time? In my free time I enjoy hiking with my two dogs and with friends, going to the gym, and playing softball with TriSports.


What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? Whatever you do – give it 100%