Francesca Kassing, 2014

Child Clinical Psychology PhD student , University of Alabama

Professional Background

After graduating from Duke in the Spring of 2014, I began my graduate studies at UA. I completed my masters as part of the program in the Summer of 2016 in which I conducted a masters thesis on the relationship between autonomic arousal, inconsistent parenting, and aggression. I am currently collecting data for my dissertation which will examine how community violence changes over time affect parental monitoring and aggressive behavior in at-risk youth. 


How has being a P&N graduate helped shape your professional success?

Being part of the psychology program at Duke helped guide my career goals and set me up for success as a graduate student.  The diverse coursework offered allowed me to develop a broad range of knowledge as well as prepare for the rigor of graduate school courses and the skill it takes to balance classes, research, and clinical work.  Without my undergraduate advisor, Dr. Terrie Moffitt, I would have been completely lost during the graduate school application process and the completion of my undergraduate thesis.  Having such a wonderful mentor to guide me through the process was invaluable and I attribute much of my success today to the support I received from her as well as the department as a whole. 

Francesca Kassing, 2014