2020-2021 Faculty Research Seed Grant recipients announced

faculty seed grants 2020-2021

Eight faculty members from the Department of Psychology & Neuroscience have been awarded Research Seed Grants via philanthropic support from The Charles Lafitte Foundation Program in Psychological and Neuroscience Research at Duke University.

The faculty projects – all chosen by review committee – show great promise both for generating exceptional research and for providing opportunities for students. In a letter to recipients, P&N Chair Scott Huettel offered congratulations, stating, "It has been heartening to see all of the creative ways our faculty proposed to engage students in world-class science – and to anticipate how these projects would have continuing impact over the coming years."

Congratulations to each of the outstanding 2020-2021 faculty research seed grant recipients!

Dr. Staci Bilbo

“Maternal diet and serotonin-inflammatory crosstalk in placenta and fetal brain”

Dr. Ruth Day

“Uncovering Knowledge Structures”

Dr. Sarah Gaither & Dr. Nancy Zucker

“Assessing Peer Coaching Support for Diverse Undergraduate Students”

Dr. Bridgette Hard

“How Do Professors’ Intuitive Theories About Teaching Shape Pedagogy”

Dr. Tobias Overath

“Dissociating Subcortical Speech versus Language Processing via Differential Phonotactic Sensitivity”

Dr. David Rubin

“Tonic Immobility in Sexual Assaults: Using Scientific Evidence for Practical Issues”

Dr. Timothy Strauman

“Curriculum as Intervention”