2020 Vertical Integration Program (VIP) concludes with virtually presented poster session

VIP 2020 Group Zoom Photo

Congratulations to the undergraduate student participants of the 2020 Vertical Integration Program (VIP)  an annual summer research program for Duke University Psychology majors. The 2020 program was a unique experience due to the research restrictions set in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic. All research efforts, as well as the concluding poster session, were held virtually. Beginning in May, VIP students conducted research with P&N graduate students and faculty mentors, and the program concluded with a Zoom virtual poster session held on July 9th which allowed students to present their research to the department and the Duke community.  Participating VIP scholars are listed below alongside their project titles and department mentors:

Mathias de Comarmond, Social Support in Adolescents and Young Adult (AYA) Cancer Survivors: Informing Age-Appropriate Care for an At-Risk Population. Mentors: Samuel Brotkin (graduate), Dr. Melanie Bonner (faculty)

Connie Dean, Masculine Norms, Attitudes Toward Sex and Novel Male Contraceptive Preference. Mentors: Samuel Marsan (graduate), Dr. Nancy Zucker (faculty)

Lauren GrzelakAthlete Retirement and Mental Health. Mentors: Dr. Kim McNally (faculty), Dr. Sarah Gaither (faculty)

Jalisa Jackson, The Effect of Racial Identity on Coping Preference, Self-efficacy of Coping Strategies and Sense of Belonging at Historically White Colleges and Universities (HWCUs). Mentors: Savannah Erwin (graduate), Dr. Nancy Zucker (faculty) 

Emma KirkpatrickMultiple Identity Mindsets, Flexible Thinking, and Cross-race Interactions. Mentors: Jane Leer (graduate), Dr. Sarah Gaither (faculty)

Janette Levin, Swamped in School: A Linguistics-based Analysis on Stress-mindsets in College Students. Mentor: Dr. Bridgette Hard (faculty)

Maria Lulo, Understanding the Predictiors of Engagement of a Mobile Mindfulness Intervention. Mentors: Rachel Guetta (graduate), Dr. Zachary Rosenthal (faculty)

Ian Miles, Episodic Simulation and Social Dominance Orientation. Mentors: Wen Zhou (graduate), Dr. Brian Hare (faculty)

Ryan McMutry, Children's Ability to Match and Identify Negative Valence Emotions of Own Race vs. Other Race Peers. Mentor: Dr. Makeba Wilbourn (faculty)

Adam Zimmer, Role of Mindsets in Shaping Student Athletes' Academic Experience. Mentor: Dr. Bridgette Hard (faculty)

Molly Carson, Global Side Effects: Effects of Drug Ads on Knowledge Structures in the US vs. UK. Mentor: Dr. Ruth Day (faculty)

Kayley Dotson, Connecting Through Online Shared Experiences: The Role of Group Perception. Mentors: Wouter Wolf (graduate), Dr. Mike Tomasello (faculty)

Urmi Pandya, Neural Markers of Metacognition Before and After 'Curriculum as Intervention'. Mentors: Madeline Farber (graduate), Dr. Anne Brewster (faculty), Dr. Tim Strauman (faculty)

Dayna Price, Young Children's Production and Comprehension of the Pronoun 'We'. Mentors: Jared Vasil (graduate), Dr. Mike Tomasello (faculty)

Taalin RaoShah, Rethinking Class Participation: Framing it as Collaboration. Mentor: Dr. Bridgette Hard (faculty)

Ameya Sanyal, Exploring Social Vulnerability in the Context of COVID-19 in the American South. Mentors: Savannah Johnson (graduate), Dr. Eve Puffer (faculty)

Neha Shrishail, How Achievement and Affiliation Motivations May Moderate Students' Academic Success During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Mentors: Jee Young Kim (graduate), Dr. James Shah (faculty)

Vin Somasundaram, The Effect of Task Demand on Frequency-based Contingency Learning. Mentors: Christina Bejjani (graduate), Dr. Tobias Egner (faculty)

Bisma Suleman, Mindfulness in Identity Disturbance. Mentors: Stephanie Schuette (graduate), Dr. Moria Smoski (faculty)

Guadalupe Tarango, Expanding the Theoretical Lens of John Henryism to New Populations: The Case of LatinxImmigrants in North Carolina. Mentors: Dr. Gabriela Nagy (faculty), Dr. Moria Smoski (faculty)


VIP Coordinators: Dr. Angela Vieth and Dr. Megan Golonka

2020 Seminar Speakers: Catherine Allen, Dr. Sarah Gaither, Dr. Bridgette Hard, Dr. Brian Hare, Dr. Cindy Kuhn, Dr. Elizabeth Marsh, Mirai Matsuuri, Dr. Eric Monson, Brittany Morhac, Lindsey Parker, Dr. Zachary Rosenthal, Quinton Smith, Dr. Scott Swartzwelder, Dr. Alissa Wigdor, Dr. Makeba Wilbourn, Dr. Bill Wilson

Graduate Student Mentors: Christina Bejjani, Samuel Brotkin, Savannah Erwin, Madeline Farber, Rachel Guetta, Savannah Johnson, Jee Young Kim, Jane Leer, Samuel Marsan, Stephanie Schuette, Jared Vasil, Wouter Wolf, Wen Zhou

Faculty Mentors: Dr. Anne Brewster, Dr. Melanie Bonner, Dr. Ruth Day, Dr. Tobias Egner,  Dr. Sarah Gaither, Dr. Bridgette Hard, Dr. Brian Hare, Dr. Gabriela Nagy, Dr. Kim McNally,  Dr. Eve Puffer, Dr. Zachary Rosenthal, Dr. James Shah, Dr. Moria Smoski, Dr. Tim Strauman, Dr. Mike Tomasello, Dr. Makeba Wilbourn, Dr. Nancy Zucker 

Statistics Workshops: Charlotte Moore

Koru Mindfulness Workshops: Ciara Healey

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