Congratulations 2013 Ph.D Graduates

Congratulations 2013 Ph.D Graduates

Congatulations to our 2013 Ph.D Graduates, who were hooded on Sunday, May 12.  Our graduates and their thesis titles are listed below.


Erin Davisson

Strengthening Self-Control by Practicing Inhibition and Initiation

Amy Dent

The Relation Between Self-Regulation and Academic Achievement: A Meta-Analysis Exploring Variation in the Way Constructs are Labeled, Defined, and Measured

Joseph Dunsmoore

Brain Mechanisms of Human Fear Generalization

Megan Golonka

Keeping in Touch: Relationships between Parenting Style, Parent-Child Electronic Communication, and the Developing Autonomy and Adjustment of College Students

Jennifer Guadagno

Associations Between Mindfulness and Valued Living

Whitney Guerry

Peer Influences on Weight-related Behaviors and Attitudes in Adolescence: A Longitudinal Examination of Romantic Partner Effects

Sarah Jones

Comparative Studies of Numerical Cognition in Nonhuman Primates: From Numerical Comparison to Arithmetic

David Paulsen

Development of Decision-Making Under Risk

Munir (Gunes) Kutlu

Attentional Effects on Conditioned Inhibition of Discrete and Contextual Stimuli

Crystal Reeck

Affective Modulation of Executive Control

Kaitlin Toner

The Effects of Matching Post-transgression Accounts to Targets’ Preferences

Andrea Young

Sociocultural Predictors of Child Mental Health Service Utilization