Undergraduate Research

The Psychology & Neuroscience Department offers opportunities for undergraduate students to engage in research through research projects, practicum, independent study, summer fellowship, and Graduation with Distinction. Refer to links below to learn how to engage in these opportunities through Psychology and Neuroscience majors. 

Undergraduate Research Opportunities in Psychology

Most of the opportunities listed here are open to all undergraduate students, whether they are pursuing a degree in psychology or not. The only exception is the Honors Thesis (also known as Graduation with Distinction or GwD), which is only open to students pursuing a major in psychology. 

Undergraduate research experiences vary in the amount of time and academic commitment required from students. Research practicum and ongoing research opportunities tend to be relatively less demanding and the perfect setting for students to learn about research work done in different labs; independent study courses require that students dedicate the level of work that they normally would through a regular course at Duke; and summer research fellowships require that students commit to pursuing GwD in their senior year. GwD is a University-wide program that recognizes students who demonstrate academic excellence through the successful completion of a substantive written project evaluated by a committee of three faculty members. Like all other majors at Duke, the psychology program has specific sets of requirements for students considering this program.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities in Neuroscience
Funding and Support

Undergraduate research in psychology and neuroscience is strongly supported by Trinity College of Arts and Sciences through the Office of Undergraduate Research Support (URS), available to help students think about their research interests and better understand the variety of opportunities for undergraduate research at Duke along with a growing list of financial support in the form of grants, fellowships, and scholarships. 

Through the generous support from the Charles Lafitte Foundation, students pursuing majors in psychology and neuroscience are eligible to apply for departmental research grants. Call for applications go out via listserve at the beginning of each semester. Our programs in psychology and neuroscience also collaborate closely with the Duke Library System to connect students with supporting research services.