Congratulations to our Psychology Major Honors Students who presented their theses in poster form at the Duke Visible Thinking showcase at Penn Pavilion on Monday, April 22.  Scroll down for the full list of students and their presentations. Naime Benitez, Working harder not smarter: Arousal’s influence on Parkinson’s Law Jason Brovich, Searching for Inclusive Progress: Whites React to Increasing Diversity Celia… read more about Psychology Major Honors Students Present Posters at Visible Thinking 2019 »

Full coverage of all Trinity Award winners can be found on the Duke Today Website Congratulations to Dr. Leonard White, this year's winner of the Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching award. This student-selected award honors a Duke professor who has excelled as a teacher, advisor and leader of undergraduate students. The recipient of the award exemplifies each of the following statements: Is original, flexible, and clear in their approach to the classroom; Fosters an environment for learning that promotes… read more about Leonard White Receives Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching Award »

Congratulations to first-year graduate students in Psychology & Neuroscience and the Cognitive Neuroscience Admitting Program for the completion of a successful First Year Festival! This year's poster presentations were held on Friday, April 5th in the new P&N gathering space in 236 soc-psych. For those who missed the festival, links to all poster presentations are included below, listed by area. Cognition & Cognitive Neuroscience Program Erin Campbell,… read more about P&N and CNAP First Year Festival 2019 »

Doris Tsao, PhD, Professor of Biology at Cal Tech and an investigator at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, spoke to a packed crowd at the Duke Institute for Brain Sciences (DIBS) on Wednesday, March 20. Tsao won a MacArthur "Genius" fellowship in 2018 . In her lecture, "How the Brain Represents Objects,"  Tsao described objects as constituting the fundamental currency of the brain, as things we perceive, remember and think about. For primates, Tsao said, a face is one one of the most important objects. She then went on… read more about MacArthur Neuroscience Fellow Doris Tsao speaks at DIBS »

Duke neuroscience major Julie Uchitel was one of 48 winners of the 2019 Marshall Scholarship. With a pool of over a thousand applicants, the Marshall is one of the most selective graduate scholarship programs for Americans. As a Marshall Scholar, she will be conducting research in pediatric neurology at Cambridge University and pursuing a master’s in international child studies at King’s College London. For her Marshall application, a researcher at Cambridge--now her academic advisor--had written her a letter of support… read more about P&N Person of the Week: Julie Uchitel »

The Duke Global Digital Health Science Center (Duke Digital Health), which is directed by Gary Bennett (Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and P&N Professor) and Dori Steinberg (Duke University School of Nursing) moved to the newly renovated suite in the basement of the Sociology-Psychology building last week. While they are getting settled in to their new space they remain focused on their mission: to close health disparities using digital health. They do this by designing, testing, and disseminating effective… read more about Duke Digital Health Moves to Sociology-Psychology Building »

Joshua Gordon, MD, PhD, Director, National Institute of Mental Health, will be giving the keynote presentation as part of the 2019 DIBS Distinguished Lecture & Symposium. P&N faculty, students, trainees and staff are invited to register for this free event.  For more information: read more about NIMH Director to Speak February 20 at DIBS Symposium »

P&N Graduate students have published a Mentoring Handbook, an evolving document capturing best practices and ideas for mentoring undergraduates in research in Psychology & Neuroscience labs and related departments. The idea began during a group brainstorming session in which P&N Graduate Students Brenda Yang and Paula Yust were discussing departmental teaching initiatives with P&N Professor of the Practice Bridgette Hard. Later, Yang said she went to a conference and asked a faculty member at a liberal arts… read more about P&N Graduate Students Create Mentoring Handbook »

Congratulations to P&N Ph.D. student Natasha Parikh, recipient of the 2019 Dean's Award for Excellence in Teaching. The review committee of deans, graduate faculty, staff, and graduate students chose Parikh and three other graduate students who best exemplify the characteristics of effective college teaching described in the purpose statement and award criteria. In addition, the review committee strives to recognize applicants who have engaged in professional development activities and have made significant… read more about Natasha Parikh Receives Dean's Award for Excellence in Teaching »

Members of P&N's Bergelson Lab, led by Dr. Elika Bergelson, recently attended the 43rd annual Boston University Conference for Language Development (BUCLD.) Undergraduate RAs Sarah Yang and Katya Khlystova were supported by travel awards from the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience made possible through a generous gift from the Charles Lafitte Foundation.  (Additonally,  lab members Dr. Fredrica Bulgarelli and Shannon Dailey were supported by the Paula Menyuk Travel Award, and… read more about Reflections: Boston University Conference for Language Development (BUCLD) »

Congratulations to P&N's Elika Bergelson for receiving a 2018-2019 Research Incubator Award from the Duke Institute for Brain Sciences. The awards provide seed funding to support collaborative brain science research for projects of exceptional innovation and broad significance to the field. The projects engage at least two faculty representing multiple fields or levels of analysis and bring together investigators from across Duke whose individual programs of research are not already… read more about Elika Bergelson Receives DIBS Research Incubator Award  »

The Duke Department of Psychology & Neuroscience is pleased to announce that  Duke senior Alisa Bedrov is this year's winner of the Jerome S. Bruner Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research. A double major in Psychology and Russian, Bedrov is in the process of applying to PhD programs in social psychology. She also works as a peer tutor for Introduction to Statistics in Psychology. She has her plan laid out to go straight to graduate school and then dive into academia with hopes of becoming a… read more about Alisa Bedrov Receives 2018-2019 Jerome S. Bruner Award »

Congratulations to P&N's Staci Bilbo and Elika Bergelson, who have received Bass Connections professorships. They are among seven Duke professors across three Duke schools receiving these named professorships. Bass Connections professorships recognize faculty whose scholarship and teaching align with the interdisciplinary and collaborative nature of the program, while also recognizing the wider engagement and contributions of Duke schools to this university-wide effort. Individuals receiving Bass Connections… read more about Bilbo, Bergelson Receive Bass Connections Professorships »

The Prince of Duke, Psychological Past and Present​ John Blackshear lives on East Campus as a Faculty in Residence in Trinity Dorm, photo by ChenJohn Blackshear burst into the emergency room and yelled that he was having a heart attack. It wasn’t the first time this happened. The hospital took him in right away, connecting electrodes to his chest. Beep…. Beep…. Beep… His heart rate was getting faster and faster. Eventually, after realizing that he was indeed still alive, the beeps paced themselves and… read more about P&N Person of the Week: John Blackshear »

The Duke Identity and Diversity Lab, led by Dr. Sarah Gaither, had an amazing showing with other Duke P&N members at the Society of Southeastern Social Psychologist Conference this year. Their day started off with lab manager Joshua Perlin's first ever data blitz talk on prosocial behaviors for children sharing across racial group lines. Next, graduate students Brenda Straka and Adam Stanaland each presented their first conference talks on their work focusing on social exclusion expectations and gender identity threat… read more about Society of Southeastern Social Psychologists Conference Reflections »

Psychology & Neuroscience is proud to announce the inaugural winners of the Graduate / Postdoctoral research awards. These students and fellows each received awards of up to $5,000 to spark novel research projects and to connect their research ideas to faculty and undergraduate students in our department. Christina Bejjani Modeling How Episodic Memory Affects the Learning of Cognitive Control on an Individual and Group Level Alexander Breslav Do computational models of human learning generalize to… read more about P&N Graduate Students and Postdocs Receive Research Seed Grants »

Moffitt pictured in blue frames, although she rotates approximately four frames at any given time, photo by Chen Duke Psychology and Neuroscience Professor Terrie Moffitt was recently elected to the National Academy of Medicine, a leading organization providing advice on health, science and technology. P&N held a reception in her honor on Friday, 10/26. A Colorful Mind The interior of the Grey Building, where the Moffitt Lab resides, is anything but grey. Duke Psychology and Neuroscience Professor Terrie… read more about P&N Person of the Week: Terrie Moffitt »

The Duke NMU/SNP Neuroscience Mentoring Program Are you a freshman interested in neuroscience? Unsure as to how to navigate the many neuroscience opportunities at Duke? Would you like to learn firsthand from an upperclassman mentor how to find a research laboratory, conduct an independent study research project, select neuroscience courses, apply for graduate/medical school, and navigate neuroscience resources at Duke? If yes, we encourage you to apply to be a mentee with the… read more about The Duke NMU/SNP Neuroscience Mentoring Program »

Duke Psychology and Neuroscience Professor Terrie Moffitt has been elected to the National Academy of Medicine, a leading organization providing advice on health, science and technology. Moffitt studies many of the pressing issues impacting American policy and society, including the interaction between genes and the environment, causes of certain abnormal behaviors, slowing down the aging process, the study of neighborhood conditions and their effect on health and behavior, and the impact of long-term cannabis usage on IQ… read more about Terrie Moffitt Elected to National Academy of Medicine »

Over Duke's 2018 Fall Break, five undergraduate neuroscience majors and three recent undergraduate alumni traveled to Philadelphia to attend the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroeconomics, an international meeting of scientists doing research on the neuroscience of decision making. The conference is regularly attended by graduate students, postdocs, and faculty members from the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience, but this was the first year that a group of Duke undergraduates were in attendance. These students were… read more about Undergraduate Neuroscience Majors Attend Their First International Conference »

The Department of Psychology & Neuroscience is happy to announce that Professor Staci Bilbo will be returning to the department as the Haley Family Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience, in conjunction with the Bass Connections Brain & Society theme, on July 1, 2019. Previously she was the Lurie Family Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Neuroscience at Harvard Medical School, and the Director of Research for the Lurie Center for Autism, from July 2016 to June 2019. The broad goal of Dr. Bilbo’s research is to… read more about Staci Bilbo returning to Department of Psychology and Neuroscience »

Through the generous support of the Charles Lafitte Foundation, P&N is pleased to announce the 2018 inaugural recipients of faculty seed grants, which will promote innovative research by teams of our faculty and students. The inaugural recipients are: Tobias Egner, Associate Professor: The Eyes are the Window to the Mind: Tracking Control over Multiple Items in Working Memory. Abstract Sarah Gaither, Assistant Professor: Social,… read more about P&N Faculty Seed Grants »

R. Alison Adcock, MD, PhD, recently named Director of the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience (CCN), has announced that Kevin S. LaBar, Professor of Psychology & Neuroscience in the Trinity College of Arts & Sciences, will serve as Associate Director for CCN. Dr. LaBar’s appointment was made in consultation with CCN faculty and other members of the Duke Institute for Brain Sciences (DIBS) community.   “Dr. LaBar was an early member of the CCN and helped establish its international reputation,” Adcock said. “We are… read more about Kevin LaBar Named Associate Director at Center for Cognitive Neuroscience »

What makes it so difficult to change our minds about moral issues, despite new information that contradicts our beliefs? P&N Grad Student Matthew Stanley and team recently published a paper that gives us some clues. The work was highlighted recently by the American Psychological Association's PEEPS, or "Particularly Exciting Experiments in Psychology." Stanley is a PhD student in Psychology & Neuroscience at Duke University who entered through the Cognitive… read more about Moral Reasoning: Why it's hard to change beliefs »

Congratulations to all who participated in this year's Vertical Integration Program (VIP), the annual summer research program for Psychology majors. Beginning in May, VIP students conducted research with P&N graduate students and faculty mentors, and attended weekly seminars and statistical workshops. The program concluded with a poster session in Rubenstein Library on Thursday 7/12, in which students were able to present their research to the wider Duke Community. Names of our VIP scholars are listed below, with links… read more about 2018 Summer Vertical Integration Program Poster Session »

Duke’s Department of Psychology and Neuroscience hosted the Psychology One Conference this week in partnership with Stanford University. The Psychology One Conference is an intimate event dedicated to the teaching of introductory psychology. The conference was directed by P&N faculty member, Bridgette Martin Hard, who founded the conference and has organized it for the last seven years.  “Introductory psychology acts as the spokesperson of psychology to millions of undergraduates every year," Hard said. "The course… read more about P&N Hosts Psychology One Conference »

 Professor John Curry has recorded a DVD, Cognitive Behavior Therapy For Adolescent Depression,  as part of the American Psychological Association's video series.   The cognitive-behavioral approach demonstrated in this program by Dr. Curry is based in developmental psychopathology and social cognitive learning theory, and typically includes behavioral activation, problem-solving, and cognitive restructuring. In the therapy demonstration, Dr. Curry applies his approach to… read more about Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Adolescent Depression »

Congratulations to Karen (KC) Young, winner of the 2018 Karl E. Zener Award. This award is given annually to an undergraduate psychology major at Duke University who has shown outstanding performance and scholarship, as determined on the basis of both the honors thesis (evaluated by a committee of faculty members) and the total academic record. Karen completed her Psychology BS and Chemistry minor this month, and will be heading to Chicago in the fall to start medical school at Northwestern University. Karen accrued a… read more about Karen Young receives 2018 Zener Award »

This week P&N kicked off their summer Vertical Integration program (VIP). VIP is the annual summer research program for Psychology majors, the intent of which is to give participants a head start on work that may culminate in a senior thesis.  VIP students conduct research with both a graduate student and faculty mentor, attend a semi-weekly seminar series, attend a biweekly statistics workshop, and finally present their work to their peers, mentors, and (via poster session) the wider University community.  Program… read more about 2018 Summer Vertical Integration Program, May 15-July 12 »

With less than a week to go until the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, P&N Assistant Professor Sarah Gaither has written an op-ed in and is also featured in  a BBC documentary called "My Mixed Up World." In the op-ed, "I study biracial identity in America. Here's why Meghan Markle is a big deal," Dr. Gaither reflects on her own experiences growing up biracial in the United States and argues that "slow social acceptance of multiracial identities remains the norm, even though it is at odds with changing… read more about Why Meghan Markle is a Big Deal »